Sunday, October 4, 2009

Obama: Getting It Wrong

By Alan Caruba

Consider this. Germany’s voters have turned away from socialism. So have Italy’s. The French elected a president who defeated a socialist opponent.

The British are about to rid themselves of the Labour Party, a proponent of socialism. Even China, while still governed by its communist party, has embraced capitalism and, in doing so, is on its way to become a real world power.

And America has elected the most leftist President in its history whose support comes from the far left elements of the Democrat Party. It should be said, however, that many Americans had grown tired and angry at the Republican Party for its failure to follow through on its conservative agenda, while other voters embraced the candidate, but not liberalism.

The result is that all Americans are literally under siege by a handful of Democrats in Congress that have been on a drunken borrowing and spending splurge, want to impose a huge tax on all energy use, and to “fix” an insolvent Medicare system by adding even more people to it while claiming to rid it of “waste and fraud” that no administration since its beginning has ever achieved.

What is wrong with this picture?

In a Saturday Night Live skit, an Obama impersonator asks the audience what he has accomplished since taking office and answers the question proudly saying “Nothing!”

Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House, former professor of history, says this is a teaching moment. Americans have discovered that a great smile and a powerful oratorical style (so long as the TelePrompters are working) is not a substitute for having a real plan as opposed to a head full of mushy socialist theory.

The likelihood is that President Obama has a better idea about what he will have for breakfast tomorrow morning than what he will do about America’s long involvement in Afghanistan. The irony is that, if he does get out, it will be conservatives, mindful of the Vietnam debacle, who will applaud the decision.

One hopes the CIA has shown him maps of Iran where all the known nuclear weapons sites are located. It isn’t that much of a secret. You can Google them. The real question is whether President Obama has the guts to do what every single person in the Middle East wants America to do. Bomb those sites. The President is hoping tiny Israel will do it for us.

He was not elected to make easy decisions.

He was not elected to fly around the world apologizing for America.

He was not elected to bow to the Saudi king.

Did you hear a single word out of him in the past two weeks regarding the arrest of three separate Muslims under suspicion of planning terrorist acts here? No. But he did not hesitate to characterize the arrest of an obstreperous black Harvard professor as “stupid.”

For all the torrent of criticism leveled against his predecessor, Americans slept peacefully in their beds for eight years, unafraid of a repeat of 9/11.

This President, though, wants to reduce the size of the military at the same time his Party has tacked over a billion dollars in “earmarks” the Pentagon does not want in the defense budget.

This President generated “tea parties” all over the nation within months of taking office and a huge protest rally in Washington, D.C. on September 12.

It is hard to think of a president who has gotten more things wrong in such a short period of time.

This cascade of failures, this effort to turn America into a socialist nation, this indifference to public protest can only lead to worsening conditions and events.

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