Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Climate Change Conferences are Green Propaganda

By Alan Caruba

It is no accident that the United Nations, the lead perpetrator of global warming nonsense via its Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, held a “summit” on the topic the same week as the White House conference Thursday and Friday. While the Bush administration has wisely avoided signing onto the 1997 UN Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change, one suspects its conference is a sop to all the environmentalists and a way of saying to the Democrat leadership, “See, we can be Green, too.”

None of the nations that signed the UN Kyoto Protocol ever met its mandated limits on emissions. To do so would have been economic insanity. And, of course, both China and India were exempt!

At the UN, the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was saying stupid things like, “the time for doubt has passed.” Hardly! The fact is that more and more climatologists and meteorologists around the world are beginning—finally—to speak out against the global warming hoax. Could it be the Greens are getting nervous, even desperate, as the hoax begins to come apart thanks to greater public doubts?

Also attending the UN gathering was California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and he is going to wreak havoc on his State if it mandates strict emissions standards to supposedly avoid “greenhouse gases.” You can sit back and watch large, medium and small industry exist California and leave it to the farmers and Hollywood. The notion that humans can and should do something about carbon dioxide (CO2) is idiotic. Every one of us exhales two pounds of it daily! When you inflict laws on every form of business activity that might emit something, anything, in the name of global warming, all you’re doing is providing them with a good reason to leave.

California’s air quality problems are real and have a lot to do with the millions of cars on its highways, often as not driven by illegal immigrants. The Rocky Mountains and other mountain ranges within California effectively trap the ozone to the point where brown clouds of it are visible, but none of this has anything to do with global warming.

At the White House, you can be sure a lot of hot air will be expended on the subject of climate change, but that is exactly what the climate does. It changes. In fact, it is such a natural, normal function of climate that many of the cycles of change are already well known to scientists. Getting upset over climate change is like being upset that it will rain tomorrow or next week. That’s what weather does and predicting it is limited to maybe three or four days at best. After that, it is just an informed guess.

In their Washington Times September 26th article, Timothy Ball, a noted climatologist, and a colleague of his gave some good advice on how to recognize propaganda when you hear or read it. It involves:

# Activists claiming natural events are unnatural, or normal events abnormal.

# Speculation and exaggeration presented as unbiased fact.

# Exploitation of basic fears.

# Taking advantage of public ignorance about science.

# And continuously shifting goalposts. Predictions for near-term events are pushed off to be in the future.

Don’t be fooled and complain to your Congress critter or Senator if they try to vote for anything based on global warming. The earth has been warming since the end of the last mini-ice age in 1800. It’s normal. Claims of a sudden rise in the earth’s temperature are bogus.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

Spread the word Alan.

Alan Caruba said...

Jeremy, just like your excellent blog, I intend to use mine to share my seven decades of knowledge and experience. Thanks!