Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Back to the Democrat Future

By Alan Caruba

Are we in some kind of weird time warp? Is it the 1970s all over again? Or the 1980s?

Why is it that Democrats are unable to look to the future unless it involves dopey computer models that say the Earth is doomed. According to the Democrats we have give up using any energy that might produce carbon dioxide, a gas that is vital to the growth of all vegetation.

Recently Sen. John Warner recommended that the oil crisis can be solved by requiring that everyone drive 55 miles per hour as in the good old days of the 1970s. That was when OPEC decided to jack up the price of oil because it was pissed that the Israelis had beaten the pants off of some pan-Arab army that, as usual, wanted to destroy it. Seems the U.S. took the position that Israel had a right to exist. Talk about radical.

So for a while there were lines of cars at the pumps and the mandate that we all drive slower to get anywhere. This is what politicians call a “solution” and everybody else calls really stupid. It didn’t work then. It won’t work now.

The fact that anyone would suggest this “solution” to our energy problems today is testimony to the fact that Democrats are forever stuck in the past and the only way they can see the future is by returning to failed ideas that, as I recall, lost them the White House in the 1980s and eventually control of Congress in the mid-90s.

They are back in control of Congress now and, boy, are they doing a bang-up job of solving the nation’s many problems. Oh, wait a minute, I forgot. We’re talking about Democrats here.

The Senate Majority Leader says oil and coal are making everyone “sick” and global warming (which doesn’t even exist) will destroy the Earth. The rest of the idiots keep blathering away about solar and wind energy when the problem is $4-a-gallon gasoline while U.S. oil sits idle in the ground. Madame Pelosi wants the President to open up the Strategic Oil Reserve, but doesn't seem to understand why it's called "Strategic."

Drill for oil? Oh no, we can’t do that say the Democrats. Consider the polar bear, the caribou, the Alaskan Loon. Fear for the migrating birds on our coasts. Consider a rare breed of crab that seagulls regard as dinner. But drill offshore? No we can’t do that. Drill in the most desolate place on the North American continent? No, we can’t do that.

Forever looking backward, the presumptive Democrat candidate for President, Barack Obama, cannot wait to impose the same failed “windfall profits” tax on the oil industry that Jimmy Carter did back in the 1980s.

The result of that has been a sixty percent reduction of exploration and drilling for oil in the United States of America.

The result of that was our dependency on foreign oil.

The result of that is the greatest transfer of money in history from the U.S. to guys who think we’re idiots. They’re right.

The rest of the Democrat platform is pretty much the same old tax-the-rich (that’s you, dummy) and redistribute the money to people who think you’re an idiot. They’re right.

All that’s left are two convention speeches by former Democrat Presidents, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. I would stay up late to hear those two, wouldn’t you? One of them thinks Palestinians are terribly misunderstood and the other still can’t figure out how Hillary lost. (Hint: Look in the mirror!)

Apparently, we are either in a time warp or Congress and a large portion of the population of America is suffering a terrible case of the stupids. Or both.

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Lee Hazel said...

Alan: Keep their feet to the fire.

This idiocy of blaming CO2 for Climate Change aside these blathering morons in WDC are going to destroy this country by denial.

They are denying something both China and India have realized and are telling the rest of the world to "pound sand" regarding their energy usage.

It takes energy to grow an economy and it takes more energy the larger that economy grows.

If the governments of China and India were to deny this basic truth they would place their peoples in the position of perpetual poverty. Or hopefully, a massive governmental housecleaning. Some might call it a "revolution". Something we are way over due to take care of.

The only conclusion one can derive from this is that our "representatives" (My God what a farcical term for our Congress) know this and are setting us on this path for their own puposes. Obscene wealth and power in a Socialist One-World Government.

None of what is going on with our economy or our energy policy makes any sense unless viewed through this One-World lens.

PC is Thought Control