Monday, November 5, 2007

Amidst the Din of Global Warming, Growing Global Skepticism

by Alan Caruba

This week an entire American network, NBC, has devoted its news programing to promoting the claims that global warming is going to destroy the world. It invited Al Gore on one of its shows and he reeled off a list of things--well, just about everything--which he attributed to man-made (anthropogenic) climate change.

Given its billions of years, the notion that mankind is dramatically and dangerously changing the climate of the earth is so idiotic as to defy belief, but a lot of people do believe it and for that we can thank the United Nations' propaganda machine called the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the media that have spread its lies.

Beginning some two decades ago, the IPCC began to pump out some hot air of its own and the other so-called environmental organization climbed on board realizing that this was a great way to sabotage any kind of development worldwide. Their particular target being all of the energy industries and then moving out from there like ripples in a pond.

In a November 5 article posted on Tech Central Station Hans H.J. Labohm, a Dutch economist and co-author of "Man-Made Global Warming: Unravelling a Dogma", shared the good news that finally the skepticism being expressed in America is now spreading to Europe. Noting Al Gore's Nobel Prize, he pointed to the fact that it was given by five Swedish politicians, saying "So the Democrat Gore owes his prize to a constellation of Progressives, Social and Christian Democrats, and Green socialists." The Prize is not about science, it is about politics.

Nation by nation, Labohm took note of the growing skepticism being expressed within various scientific communities whether it be Italy, the Netherlands, or the efforts of Czech Republic President, Vaclav Havel.

Of most interest to me, however, are the outspoken Russians, such as astronomer Khabibullo Abdusamatov of the Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in St. Petersburg, who has declared that the earth will experience a mini-ice age by the middle of this century. I happen to agree, given the fact that the earth is at the end of an interglacial period between ice ages, having lasted 11,500 years at this point.

As the earth, particularly in the northern hemisphere, begins to cool off, a lot of people raised to believe it was heating up, are going to ask why anyone believed Al Gore and the rest of his cohorts, but by then these liars will be long gone.


libhom said...

Skepticism about Global Warming is not growing. Corporate payments to biostitutes are growing rapidly, however.

Unknown said...

With the decent is also growing a dislike for the hypocrisy of the global warming doomsayers (who still use the same amount of energy but remove guilt through the purchase of carbon credits). Well, I for one am tired of the hypocrisy and came up with a way to create carbon debits to heap the guilt back on - check out

Alan Caruba said...

libhom, I believe you've been here before. You were wrong then and you are wrong now.

brandon, your website his hilarious and I will recommend it to my friends. By the way, did you know that even if you "kill" a tree, another one can grow in its place? You will no doubt make millions with your carbon debits!