Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Oh, the Horror of Thanksgiving CO2

By Alan Caruba

Millions of Americans will, by plane, car and rail, move around the nation for the next few days for the sole purpose of getting together with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving.

It is impossible to calculate all the carbon dioxide (CO2) that will be generated by this, but I am willing to bet that the Greens will be curiously quiet about it.

Masters of public relations, they know better than to rain on everyone's Thanksgiving parade by reminding them that they are, by their interpretation, contributing to a disaster they call global warming.

Instead, the media is filled with reports of how swiftly people are being processed through airports and what parts of the nation will encounter bad weather conditions. Meanwhile, around the world there are reports of unusually early and unusually cold weather. That's another thing the media will not report.

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