Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Greens Try to Cash in on Valentine's Day

By Alan Caruba

Below is the actual text of an email received today. It is one more example of the way Greens cannot resist cashing in on every aspect of our lives by laying a guilt trip on us. I have put the especially obnoxious aspects in italics.

"We thought that your readers would be interested how this year their Valentine’s Day gifts can not only woo their loved ones, but also care for the planet. At EarthMoment.com, your readers can find both traditional and ‘green’ gift ideas for their Valentine’s. And no matter which they choose, they can make a difference by reducing their carbon footprint.

EarthMoment.com searches millions of products from top retailers such as Apple, Barnes & Noble, Guitar Center and 1-800-Flowers, among thousands of others. And whether the Valentine’s gift is a box of chocolate (organic, even) a dozen roses, or a book of poetry, half of the commission-based revenue that EarthMoment receives from the vendor goes to CarbonFund.org , the leading nonprofit climate change solutions organization that supports third-party verified carbon offset projects.

As shoppers show their love this Valentine’s day, they can give a little extra without even trying - giving back to their favorite planet to really make a difference. Please let me know if you would be interested in speaking to anyone at EarthMoment for insider gift ideas."

Carbon offsets are the bogus indulgences that permit Al Gore to live in a home that uses, in a year's time, energy equal to twenty ordinary homes. They are being pimped as the new way that "polluting" industries that produce greenhouse gas, i.e. carbon dioxide, emissions can buy or sell the offsets so they can continue to do what they have always done...without any harm to the earth. CO2 is a good gas. Part of CO2 is OXYGEN. It is not bad for the planet because every single piece of vegetation on earth depends on CO2.

All chocolate is organic. It starts with a chocolate BEAN that grows from the earth. The same holds true for FLOWERS, except for the ones made from silk or plastic. Plastic is a derivative of OIL which comes from the earth and fuels our modern civilization.

The Earth is my favorite planet because there is no life on any other planet in our solar system. It's not like I have a choice.

Turning Valentine's Day into yet another excuse to fleece people to get money for phony, non-existent threats to the planet should be deemed a bunko crime.

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