Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hillary's Voice

By Alan Caruba

I rarely write about politics because it defies logic and common sense.

I don’t understand how a “Republican” President can preside over six years of mindless spending and, only after his party loses control of Congress, demand austerity while presenting it with a $3.1 trillion budget. Things like that make no sense to me.

I am, however, a close observer of the human animal, if not the political one. I have come to the conclusion that Hillary Clinton with either not get the nomination or, if she does, will not get elected.

The reason is her voice.

I don’t think there is a man of voting age in America who will want to listen to her every day for four years in office. This is why Bill is always given a pass for cheating on her. Men understand instinctively that Bill had to find his pleasure elsewhere; find escape and relief from that voice.

Then there are the tears. What American man wants a President who is prone to burst into tears when she’s had a hard day or hears something that touches her deeply? There are a dozen women who are the presidents of their nations and I do not think one of them has ever teared up in public.

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was the one to remind former President George H.W. Bush to not “go wobbly” during the first Gulf War. That is strength of character. British men of her era looked at her and saw the female version of Winston Churchill.

Hillary keeps telling her audiences how tough she is, but Americans view tough women as entertainment, whether they are in a roller derby or belong to the World Wrestling organization. Women who compete in bodybuilding contests or get into professional boxing are seen as freaks, not feminine.

Hillary’s not tough. She’s mean. She’s the nag in your life who will never stop telling you to put the toilet seat down.

So, no, Hillary may be knocking on the door of the Oval Office, but the men of America—the one’s who still have some stones—will not let her sit in it for four years.


Tea Bag Nation Unplugged Staff said...

I agree....although, being a woman, I don't object to her voice as much as you do. "Billary" is not the right woman for the job. If we had a Maggie Thatcher
...maybe. But we don't breed Thatchers in the U.S.; we think any woman--for that matter, any person--who has the courage of her or his convictions and the sense and vocabulary to set them forth is mean rather than strong or purposeful or possessed of a workable notion of right and wrong. In fact, this nation could do with a bit of 'tough love,' but I'm afraid there is not one single politician in sight who can deliver those goods. Not one. Not a Republican and certainly not a Democrat (I wonder when the term Democrat became synonymous with wimpy, and Republican with fundamentalist freakazoid?)

Thanks, anyway. Good blog.

john bailo said...

Listening to Hillary would be like hearing a nagging wife of too many decades.

"For over thirty five years, I've been an agent of change -- THIRTY FIVE YEARS!!!"

Sheesh! It sounds like Alice Kramden. American males will be grabbing their bowling balls and heading for the Racoon Lodge everytime the old battleaxe gets on tv to give speech!

Alan Caruba said...

Thank you, folks.

Here's some of the email feedback I received when this blog post was put up on Canada Free Press today!

Sir: You said it so well, Thank you! I do not want to listen to her EVER....much less for the next 4 or 8 years. What sane person (man or woman) would want to do that to the world? If those poor souls exist (and they do, God help them!) I hope they stay home on Election Day! If they (those hateful/weak souls) do get her into office...I am putting all my retirement pay into stocks for hearingaids. Thanks for your wonderful insight!

God Bless America!
Fort Worth, TX
You're onto something here! Great article, Alan.

I would add that most people I know who act "tough" really are just "mean", and when push comes to shove they are the first to fold and collapse. Falling on the ice while carrying your kid, taking the lumps and not complaining about it to protect the one you love, that's toughness. Being cruel to someone weaker/smaller than yourself when you feel someone has somehow slighted you, that's petty selfishness, not toughness.
Yes she sure does have an ugly voice. I am a female and agree 100%.