Saturday, April 19, 2008

Green Masters of Propaganda

By Alan Caruba

Have you ever wondered why a former vice president and failed candidate for the presidency merited a Nobel Prize for “peace” which was, in fact, shared by a United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change? What does claiming that global warming will destroy the world have to do with peace?

Why do Greens say that the science that they claim supports this hoax is “settled” and not subject to examination? Even Darwin’s Theory of Evolution continues to be challenged to this day. Science has confirmed that the Earth’s average temperature has, since 1998, turned demonstrably cooler. What does that say about Gore’s and other’s cooling claims? It says they are wrong.

Have you wondered why, the same year he garnered a Nobel, Al Gore also received an Oscar for his documentary about global warming and why schools across America required students to watch it? If you think these two events are coincidental, read on.

Have you noticed that Time magazine and other weekly periodicals have their cover stories devoted to Earth Day? Or that, leading up to it, weekly and daily newspaper sections have been suffused with stories about living Green or about Green events in your town or city?

Does it strike you as a coincidence that many television channels are filled with Earth Day related programs or have been airing apocalyptic programs for some time now?

What we have been witnessing is the mastery of propaganda, not just on a national scale, but globally, because Earth Day will evoke an eruption of media-driven stories about all aspects of the Green agenda.

Through a combination of fear, coercion, infiltration of the education system, the acquiescence of politicians, and the supine surrender of the mass media, the environmental movement, tapping billions of dollars from foundations and other sources of funding, has overwhelmed our society and others with the message that we must “save the Earth.”

Implicit and often quite openly, the message is that humans are the Earth’s greatest enemies and despoilers, laying waste to its forests and jungles, poisoning its air and water, causing the extinction of every species, responsible for “urban sprawl”, and, in general consuming too much food, too much energy, to much of everything.

The Greens want to save the Earth from us!

This is why causing global food shortages by the passage of “energy” legislation mandating that 60% of the nation’s corn crop be turned into ethanol, a useless gasoline additive, is nothing less than brilliant…if you want people to die from artificially induced famines.

There’s good propaganda and there’s bad propaganda. The good propaganda encourages people to eat properly, drive safely, and support worthy causes such as eradicating diseases, and such.

Bad propaganda has at is core a deep contempt for those being propagandized. It almost always advocates something that has a harmful outcome. An example is the campaign that banned DDT, a miracle pesticide that could have and still can save the lives of millions of mostly women and children in Africa and elsewhere. It serves just as well against dengue fever, a scourge of South American nations.

In the United States, propaganda about land use often ends up as the seizing and setting aside of millions of acres of land from any development that might contribute to the need to house an ever-increasing population or even providing recreational opportunities. Significantly, it puts off limit the vast natural resources, coal, oil and natural gas, that would reduce our dependence on other nations for these same vital sources of energy.

The Earth does not need to be saved from us. If humans were not part of the Earth's ecological system, we would not exist.

The Earth’s climate, however, is totally beyond human control. We have no control over the Sun, the oceans, volcanoes, the tectonic plates whose shift create earthquakes, or the cycles of warming and cooling etched into the Earth’s surface.

All the propaganda in the world will not change that.

Our task on Earth Day and every day to follow is to shake loose of the lies, the propaganda of the Greens, to reclaim our dominion over the Earth and to proceed to feed, house, and cloth humankind until it can achieve a kinder, more abundant future.


Lee Hazel said...

Wonderfully said.
Dr Goebles has got to be celebrating where ever he is. What we are seeing as a show of the power of propaganda is the culmination of 60 years of practise by the international, liberal, media.

This Global Warming excercise in brainwashing and social manipulation is itself the test of the accumulated knowledge of over 100 years of Socialist Endeavors to rule. It began with the Fabians and has been relentlessly pursued to this day.

We need desperatly to expose this Global Warming for the world socialist tool it is and defeat it and stamp out every vestige of its existance. This is an excersise that freedom loving and freethinking people will have to do time and time again. The socialist agenda is nothing if not adaptive.

Even if we successfully squash this ALGORIAN cultist fantasy it will come again in a new guise. Some other man-is-at-fault mantra with globalist underpinnings.

It just boggles my mind to see our politicians buy into this terribly dangerous hocus-pocus. John McCain in particular is very disappointing.


artbbrown said...

Cheer up Lee. The pendulum is beginning to swing to the side of rational thinking. If the politicians obey their mandated responsibilities, they will follow the pendulum. If not they will be replaced. Even Al Gore is beginning to panic. He has pledged his Nobel award in a desperate media effort intended to revitalize his propaganda blitz. Nobody can dismiss the fact that Mercury, Mars, Venus, Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter and its moon are showing climate changes similar to those on Earth.