Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One Bush Betrayal After Another

By Alan Caruba

George W. Bush will remain President until January 20, 2009 and the only question remaining is how many more betrayals does he have in store for the trust Republicans and other Americans granted him over his two terms?

On Wednesday, April 16, Reuters reports that he plans to announce “an intermediate goal to limit greenhouse gas emissions in the United States”, adding that he “will not make specific proposals.”

Let us understand the fundamentals. There is no global warming. What warming that has occurred has been since the last mini-ice age ended around 1850. It is perfectly natural. The net global warming since 1940 is a miniscule 0.2 degrees C., even after 70 years of unprecedented human CO2 emissions.

I repeat. There is no global warming. There is, in fact, a global cooling occurring. Sunspot activity has been unusually low for several years and is directly related to the cooling trend that is likely to continue in the years ahead. NASA reports that the oceans have "stopped warming" about 4-5 years ago.

The primary greenhouse gas to which the Greens are always referring is carbon dioxide (CO2) and it represents a bare 0.038 percent of the entire atmosphere of the Earth. Most of that atmosphere is water vapor, good old H2O. Without CO2, however, not one single blade of grass grows on planet Earth and that includes no forests, no jungles, and no crops.

On Wednesday, President Bush will put one more nail in the coffin of his legacy by selling out to the Greens and endorsing schemes to reduce emissions that do not need reducing and schemes to buy and sell “carbon credits” through exchanges set up to prosper based entirely on a lie.

I repeat. There is no global warming.

I don’t care if President Bush says so; if Sen. John McCain says so; if Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton say so. The science says there isn’t.

We now are burdened with a President who signed every spending bill Congress sent to him until just after re-election to his second term.

He signed a Medicare Prescription Plan to add to an entitlement program that is rapidly running out of funding.

He signed Teddy Kennedy’s “No Child Left Behind” program to transfer control of the nation’s education system to the federal government despite a total lack of Constitutional authority.

He has ignored our nation’s porous southern border with Mexico that allows a million more illegal immigrants to enter America every year. He won’t even pardon two border guards jailed by a zealous U.S. district attorney for the alleged crime of shooting an admitted drug smuggler.

He signed a misnamed “energy bill” that mandates the use of corn to produce thousands of gallons of ethanol, a fuel additive that actually reduces mileage while adding to the cost of gasoline. This has started a cascade of food shortages worldwide, needlessly driving up the cost.

He misled the nation to involve it in a war in Iraq and then sat back as it was disastrously mismanaged for years. He will pass it along to whoever replaces him.

And now he proposes that the U.S. burden its economy with a program that has failed throughout Europe to curb emissions and which exempts both China and India. Even if CO2 was a problem—which it is not—why would any rational person expect that limiting our emissions would have any effect on the atmosphere? Why add billions to the cost of doing business in America?

There is a reason the President’s approval ratings are at a new low and may yet surpass those of the unlamented Jimmy Carter. He cannot be trusted and he likely to do more harm before he leaves office.

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