Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hollywood Rewrites History...Again

By Alan Caruba

The movie, “Recount”, arrives at a time when the Democrat Party is trying to determine whether the “popular” vote in its primaries takes precedent over the actual number of delegates, whether “pledged” or “super delegates” whose only allegiance is to (1) retaining their power in Congress and the Party and (2) actually trying to win the national election in November.

There is enough written about the 2000 election results in Florida to suggest that, had the Supreme Court not intervened and stopped the vote count, Al Gore would have won by the slimmest of margins, but that ignores the way the Gore campaign successfully got the absentee military votes that would have unquestionably put Bush over the top disqualified from consideration.

In short, Florida, where apparently the voters in Palm Beach County were retarded, remains a great historic muddle. In 2000 it became a battle ground between two evils, the Republican and Democrat parties.

In the end, George W. Bush won the election, became President, and, because of 9/11, transformed his presidency into a military conflict in Afghanistan and extended it into Iraq. The reason why there is so little news current coverage of events in Iraq is that some real measure of political stability has arrived and because no one in the mainstream media wants to report that Iran has been engaged in war with the U.S. and Iraqi troops there. That war was unofficially declared in 1979 when they took our diplomats hostage and held them for 444 days. Al Qaeda has since been reduced to the ravings of Osama bin Laden.

The reason why the cost of a barrel of oil has skyrocketed is because no one knows how long the de facto Iran-U.S. conflict will continue and whether it will erupt into a full-scale war involving our having to bomb and/or invade Iran to put an end to its nuclear ambitions and its endless intrusive efforts to impose its hegemony over the entire region.

It may be “a tiny country” as Barack Obama says, but it has been a very troublesome one for a very long time.

Meanwhile, despite Hollywood’s effort to convince Americans how much better off they would have been had Al Gore been elected, it would be useful to consider that he stands revealed as one of the greatest liars on the face of the Earth, thanks to his megalomania about global warming.

On Monday, May 19, the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, led by Dr. Arthur Robinson, held a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. to announce that its petition rejecting Al Gore’s and the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change lies, had been signed by 31,000 scientists from around the world. A total of 9,201 of the signers were PhDs and the rest held university degrees in science.

That is an impressive group of “deniers” and they are joined now by millions of people who understand that “global warming” is a hoax. Indeed, since 1998, all the meteorological data indicates that the Earth has entered a period of cooling. The oceans are cooling. Glaciers are growing. Winter blizzards are more intense. You don’t need a degree to know that global warming isn’t happening.

The movie, “Recount”, is propaganda, not history. Its stars and others involved in its production will swear that it is fact-based, but the fact is that, since 2001, and his reelection in 2004, George W. Bush has been the President of the United States.

The World Almanac and Book of Facts, 2008, notes that, “The Nov. 2000 presidential election was one of the closest in history. While Bush came out behind in the popular vote—by about 540,000 out of more than 100 million cast—the electoral vote total hinged on the outcome in Florida where official totals, challenged by Democrats, gave him a razor-thin lead.” The Supreme Court decision—a merciful end to the election—ceded Florida’s 25 electoral votes to Bush.

A mark of maturity is that an individual or a nation ultimately comes to acknowledge reality and acts upon facts, not emotions.

There is the Hollywood version of history and then there is reality. The two rarely coincide.

One is tempted to consider what the passed eight years would have been like had Al Gore had been elected President.

His response to 9/11 might well have been to blame America for having angered al Qaeda in some fashion. One imagines a large mosque being built on Ground Zero in order to get Middle Eastern Muslims to like us more.

By now, based on his view that the internal combustion engine is a threat to humanity, it is likely that most voters would be on bicycles or horseback. All national parks would be off limits to Americans to protect the flora and fauna. There would be rolling blackouts due to a ban on the building of any nuclear or coal-fired plants to generate electricity. Every species known to man and God would have been declared endangered. And you would have to flush your toilet at least five times to achieve the results that preceded his election to office.

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Unknown said...

Actually, I wonder if we might have been better off with Gore. GWB has been a disappointment and general unhappiness with his work is arguably at least partly to blame for the dems reclaiming their lost power in congressional elections. With Gore in office, the GOP might have retained more control and been able to thwart some of his extremism. Repubs seem to function better as an embattled minority party. In any case, it's all speculation. I got some satisfaction in 2000 watching the left be victims of the court for a change. Legislation from the bench is frequently a favorite weapon in their arsenal. Live by the sword, dies by the sword.