Thursday, May 8, 2008

Join the Fun at the "Twisted Report"

For some time now I have been imploring my old friend, Ron Marr, to begin to blog. The former editor of The Troutwrapper, one of the funniest publications ever printed, is one of America's great satirists. Unfortunately, it's hard to make a living writing satire (or anything else!) these days, so he's making some excellent guitars and other string instruments.

I give my guarantee that you will thoroughly enjoy his posts, but mostly if you lean to the conservative side of politics and especially if you are country born and bred. Ron lives in a cabin with his two dogs perched above a creek in Missouri which, to some, is their idea of heaven. The view is wonderful and he has ten acres of America that's all his own.

I think his guitar site is called He told me how he choose that name, but I have forgotten why. He's not blind. He's not a doughboy (a WWI term for an American soldier), but he is one very funny guy and if you need a laugh, visit the Twisted Report at

There's a link off to the right of this blog where various sites are listed so you can click on it to visit Ron any time you need to cut through the blather and clutter of the mainstream media.

I will be posting there on occasion, if only to vent in ways I cannot here at Warning Signs. Yes, there is a dark and vicious side to my otherwise sweet and sunny personality. You will not want to miss out on it.

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