Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Democrats are Forever Looking Backwards

By Alan Caruba

When former Vice President, Oscar and Nobel Prize winner, Albert Gore, Jr., endorsed Barack Hussein Obama, it demonstrated why the Democrat Party is always looking backward, as opposed to the future.

First of all, what candidate would seriously want to be endorsed by a man who has made himself a laughingstock by advocating one of the greatest hoaxes of modern times? Al Gore has become a joke, huffing and puffing about global warming while the Earth is halfway through the tenth year of a cooling cycle.

Secondly, wasn’t Al Gore defeated in 2000? I know it was close, but close does not count in an election. For the last eight years, thanks to being reelected, George W. Bush has been in the White House. Al Gore is a certified loser.

Thirdly, wasn’t Al Gore Vice President during eight years of non-stop scandal and even an impeachment attempt of Bill Clinton? Wasn’t he reluctant to even be seen on the same campaign stage with Monica Lewinski’s former boyfriend? Didn’t the Democrats lose control of Congress during Gore’s and Clinton’s term in office?

As today’s teens might say, “Al Gore is so yesterday!” That holds true as well for the Democrat Party. Yesterday, however, includes a party whose leadership has insisted that the war in Iraq was lost after having voted to authorize and continue funding it.

So, if your stomach could take it, you could have witnessed Al Gore fulminating against George W. Bush and calling for change when, of course, Bush is not running for office. The Democrats are desperate to get everyone to believe that John McCain will be just a continuation of Bush policies, but McCain is famous for having opposed and voted against quite of few of them.

These days, too, the Democrats are busy trying to convince everyone that McCain will take Social Security and Medicare away from all the old folks and, aside from the fact this is a blatantly obvious scare campaign, about the only thing Democrats can look back on with pride are programs instituted under—are you ready—former Presidents Roosevelt and Johnson. Democrats have to reach back to the 1930s and 1960s to find something to crow about. It was left to a Republican, Richard Nixon, to extricate us from the last war they got us into.

Meanwhile, the Democrats who joined in the last eight years of a Republican spending frenzy are hoping no one will notice that both of these “entitlement” programs are going broke and that the federal government keeps borrowing from their surplus funds to pay for the day to day activities.

This brings us to Barack Hussein Obama who keeps telling us, “We can’t drive our SUVs and eat as much as we want and keep our homes on 72 degrees at all times…and then just expect that other countries are going to say okay…”

Since when does America set its domestic policies and determine its lifestyle based on what “other countries” have to say? What Marxist handbook was he reading when he concluded that the government has a right to decide what we drive, how much we eat, and how cool we want our homes this summer?

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, what I am hearing does not jibe with “the land of the free” if Obama is going to be in charge of your energy use and what you have for dinner. The last time America had food rationing we were engaged in a war in Europe and the Pacific at the same time and we won that war!

Finally, Al Gore’s endorsement should remind us of all those environmentalists and their fellow travelers in Congress who, during President Jimmy Carter’s term, instituted a windfall profits tax on oil companies that Barack Hussein Obama is advocating today!

Since March 27, 1980 when the Democrat Congress passed that tax, U.S. oil production has declined to 59% of what it was back then. Need I remind you that Jimmy Carter has also endorsed Obama?

Gore and Carter, two Democrat relics of the past. Two seriously flawed and failed politicians. And Barack Hussein Obama wants to take us back to those bad old days!

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Lee Hazel said...

Alan: Good artical. They are "looking back" all the way to FDR and (OMG) JFK. The first time I heard one of our "objective" journalists go on about the poosible new "camalot" I almost lost my dinner.

Just a note of mild dissent. I will not give WB Clinton one inch of latitude. He was Impeached!! He was not tried by the Senate and booted out of office as he should have been.

PC is Thought Control
PS keep the pressure on McCain to get the ALGORIAN monkey called Global Warming off his back.