Monday, June 30, 2008

McCain's Green Babble

By Alan Caruba

A lot of us are going to figuratively hold our noses and vote for John McCain because the notion of Barack Obama as President is too awful to contemplate, but if you go to, you will find some of the worst Green babble posted on his “Issues” page and bodes ill for ridding us of a lot of bad science and worse “solutions” to solve so-called environmental problems that do not even exist.

Here’s what passes for McCain’s “Principles for Climate Policy”

# Climate policy should be built on scientifically-sound, mandatory emission reduction targets and timetables.

#Climate policy should utilize a market-based cap and trade system.

#Climate policy must spur the development and deployment of advanced technology.

#Climate policy must facilitate International efforts to solve the problem.

Given these “principles”, I recommend that McCain choose Al Gore as his vice presidential running mate, because they could have been written by Gore.

They are so wrong for so many reasons, but the most obvious is that we do not have to reduce emissions, i.e. carbon dioxide, because (1) it constitutes 0.038% of the Earth’s atmosphere, (2) it has virtually no role as regards the Earth’s climate, and (3) it is the second most essential gas other than oxygen because every bit of vegetation on Earth requires it.

Beyond that, mandatory emission reductions will only manage to impose large and very unnecessary expenses on all manner of human activity from manufacturing to transportation to agriculture, et cetera.

This brings us to McCain’s advocacy of a cap and trade system. This is the bogus buying and selling of “carbon credits” to create a whole new market for something that will simply drive up the cost of doing business for no good reason. The costs will be passed along to consumers and those running the exchanges for these credits will make any money from this scheme along with, of course, charlatans like Gore who run companies that sell these specious “credits.”

You might as well be buying credits for promising not to eat cotton candy or marshmallows.

As to spurring the development of advanced technology, what does McCain think American corporations and entrepreneurs do for a living? Our $14 trillion economy is built on research and development. The U.S. government has already wasted $50 billion on so-called “climate research” and none of it points to any global warming.

Finally, seeking “international” efforts to solve the problem will only prolong the history of the United Nations’ lies about global warming at a time when the Earth is a decade into what is likely to be a very long cooling period. In short, there is no warming and hasn’t been since 1998.

McCain’s climate policy is ignorance squared, especially if you pause just one moment and ask yourself what exactly can humankind do with regard to changing, altering, slowing or improving the climate in any way? The answer is nothing.

The Earth has been around 4.5 billion years, undergoing all kinds of climate from ice ages to long periods in which the CO2 levels were far higher than they are today.

These principles need to be scrapped, but they won’t be because they are a blatant attempt to skim off some votes from so-called environmentalists who have no more clue about the Earth than McCain.


Unknown said...

It has now come to light that the U.S. has more oil than Saudi Arabia. What a cash cow!! Imagine getting paid 3000 dollars just for being a U.S. citizen. I think thats how much Saudis are paid or maybe that Kuwait.

This sort of resource would make our industry so cheap, and cost of living so cheap its unimaginable.

Imagine thousands of jobs, not at Walmart as Democrats like to take credit for creating, but with full benifits at a very good pay rate.

This is all just a dream I fear because Congress would let Americans suffer and die in there homes rather than drill a single drop.

They would in effect choice to freeze in there own home with millions shoved under the bed.

Every liberal social program imaginable could be created, and it would take easily 200 years for them to bankrupt the country. I am surprised we do not hear the drills digging now.

It seems like every side would win big, but I think not a single drop will be pumped and I wonder why? Whats the hold up for them?

Perhaps if we become to empowered they know its the end for them.

Anonymous said...

The global warming garbage ideaology won't be tossed out into the land fill (oops! Sorry, Greenies) until the MSM gives a proper, fair and balanced coverage to ALL aspects of the debate with realistic comment on warming debunking instead of vilifying the sceptics. As I don't believe in fairies then maybe we shall just have to wait until snow-flakes tumble into Death Valley before the penny drops. However, as long as the prospect for making zillions of $ hangs on this belief of GW and the ludicrous follow-on CaTr scams then nothing will change; the saying "Till Hell freezes over" comes to mind - and it may just do that.

Congratulations go to Al Gore (ugh) who has done a truly remarkable PR job of selling this gargantuan Ponzi scheme to the majority of the world and its leaders - and managing to keep it very much alive despite a massive build-up of contrary evidence.

I am horrified to learn that GW is creeping into the UK schooling system at a time when 'real' science is taking a back seat to 'soft' science and when there is a yawning gap where physics teachers should be and qualifications are being dumbed-down. However, at least his ghastly propaganda "An Inc. Truth" has been banned from UK schools.

We all know that the possibility of absolute power for any person will change his perceptions and actions to garner that power. So McCain's babble is founded (and will it be seen to be foundering?)upon his ultimate quest - he will say anything to get the votes he needs but whether or not he or his advisors truly believes the hype, remains to be seen. For now, Green is THE colour and fairy stories the literiture of choice.

The truth is in the blogoshere, in the likes of 'Warning Signs' and hundreds more, and it is a thorn in the side of the MSM as more people become properly informed of the huge Greenie untruths invading their trust in the news media.
The truth will-out, sooner or later.

Clive - Laoag City, Philippines

Alan Caruba said...

Thank you, Clive.

I couldn't have said it better myself!