Thursday, December 20, 2007

Between God and a Hard Place

By Alan Caruba

Politics in America must seem baffling to those unaccustomed to the bloodletting we call our campaigns.

It is, however, a special burden these days for the nation’s atheists during this season of joy and backstabbing. Not only must they wake each day to Christmas carols with their “glory to the new born king” message, but, if they are Republicans, they must also try to sort out for whom to vote amidst more Bible thumping than one could get in a good old “Come to Jesus” tent revival.

I happen to know one such atheist and the poor thing is just bouncing off the walls. To listen to her, it was bad enough she has had to live the passed seven years with a President whose favorite “philosopher” is Christ Jesus, but now she has some choices to make as the forces of darkness descend in the form of Hillary Clinton or some bi-racial guy with a Muslim name, Obama, who goes to a church in Chicago.

Meanwhile, she is looking at GOP contenders that include a Baptist preacher and former Governor (of Arkansas for the love of God!), a Mormon former Governor from Taxachusetts, an Arizona Senator whose political fortunes more resemble one of those carnival rides that yank you up and drop you down at dizzying speeds, and the rest who remind some people of those tiny cars in the circus from which a dozen clowns spill forth.

So let’s have a moment of silent prayer for all the bewildered Republican atheists because surely they are between God and a hard place these days.

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