Saturday, December 8, 2007

Is the Democrat Party Just for Girls?

By Alan Caruba

The Republican Party benefitted from the decision of a large number of white men to leave the Democrat Party. They didn't like policies that threatened gun ownership, that put an end to some men's sports teams at colleges, or a party that kept offering candidates like Dukakis or McGovern whose pacifism seemed to lack manly virtues of courage and grit.

Gore had to hire a consultant to tell him what colors and fashions would make him look manly and, in the end, that silly, endless kiss before his acceptance speech at the Democrat convention, embarrassed everyone watching.

Today, the total feminization of the Democrat Party finds its fulfillment in Hillary Clinton, the first woman to truly have a shot at the party's nomination. Her qualification? She is the wife of a former President.

Giving her a run for her money is Barack Hussein Obama, the Senator from Illinois. Why does it come as no surprise that one of the most famous women in America, Oprah Winfrey, would not only endorse him (a first such political action for her) but pull in a huge crowd at an Iowa caucus on a day when the temperature dipped to about 11 degrees above zero?

It's just my perception, but there is a very soft, somewhat feminine quality to B. Obama. It isn't anything you can point to and identify with clarity. Yes, he's married and yes he has two daughters. I am not suggesting he's gay. I am saying he doesn't come across as particularly strong.

It's more a matter of style or, to some extent, being too stylish, too fashion-conscious. Even his rhetoric, though polished, is a tad too restrained as if he would never really get mad at anyone because he is so emphathetic.

To put it another way, if you had to choose someone to share your foxhole in a battle, you'd want a McCain, a Guiliani, a Thompson. Even Romney gives off a very masculine vibe, despite his movie-star looks.

Which makes us wonder how many white men would pull the lever for B. Obama and my guess is not many. And Hillary will only get the "wuss" vote from that demographic.


Longstreet said...

Great stuff, Alan. There was a time when pointing out the obivous was not often necessary, But besotted as were are, by political correctness, these days, those of us who remain sane and sober have a responsibility, it seems to me, to occasionaly point out that the king has no clothes. You have done it superbly well.



Alan Caruba said...

Thanks, Longstreet. I am, of course, just sharing my own perceptions and am always ready to be proven wrong, but if being nominated the Dems' candidate means embracing gay marriage, gun control, and a whole lot of other bad ideas, then I will stick with the GOP. Like I have a choice, eh?