Saturday, December 22, 2007

Explaining Islam to Muslims and Others

By Alan Caruba

I received an email today from "an Arab and a Muslim" who had read a 2001 commentary of mine, "Islam Versus the World"

"You are a bigot and misusing the freedom of America. People like you are so detrimental to the American interests."

The email arrived while I was contemplating blogging about the latest Islamic obscenity, a suicide bombing in Sherpo, Pakistan--in a mosque where Muslims had gathered for worship--that was at the home of the former interior minister in northwestern Pakistan. It killed at least 50 people inside the mosque.

Something is very wrong with any religion whose followers believe it is okay to (1) commit suicide and (2) kill a lot of innocent people at the same time. (3) In a place of prayer.

Many Muslims believe that Islam is under attack, but they seldom see how Islam is at war with the rest of the world, including as often as not, fellow Muslims.

The email ended by telling me I was "a bag of hate and hatred." Assuming that English was not the first language of the "Arab and Muslim" who sent it, I thought he did a good job in expressing himself, but was overlooking a few things.

The article was written shortly after 9/11 when a number of "Arabs and Muslims" killed over 3,000 Americans and people wanted to know who these people are, what they believe, and why they would attack a nation that was not at war with them. Indeed, America had expended considerable treasure and blood defending Arabs and/or Muslims in places like Kosovo and Kuwait. We had even assisted bin Laden and the Afghans in ridding that nation of the Soviet military occupation. Then we had to go back and rid it of the Taliban whom fellow Muslims seem to hate a great deal.

I can understand it when anyone gets angry reading a serious rebuke to their religion and especially one that requires one to face Mecca five times a day to pray. However, this same religion essentially says it's okay to kill "unbelievers" and has provided ample examples of killing those whom one might reasonably consider to be believers...particularly if they are praying in a mosque.

Islam is in great need of a Reformation not unlike that which the Christian Church underwent. Until it reforms itself it will remain locked into a seventh century mentality that will continue to hold Muslims back from having a decent relationship with the rest of mankind.

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