Thursday, April 10, 2008

Obama is Toast

By Alan Caruba

We already know that only a Democrat Party suicide pact to give the nomination to Hillary will keep Barack Hussein Obama from heading the ticket.

The great thing about this agonizingly long primary season is that it has provided plenty of time to identify, once again, Hillary’s (and Bill’s) penchant for lying. They lie, I think, in the belief that no one will actually remember their lies. They have lied so often and with such success, they may not even be able to discern between the truth and a lie any more.

Short of a huge victory in Pennsylvania (and even then) Hillary can only get the nomination if the super-delegates form a circle around Obama and become a firing squad, thereby eliminating him and themselves at the same time.

What impresses me at this point, however, is how, despite the fawning and prostration of the mainstream media, people are already well aware that the young Senator from Illinois, barely even halfway through his first term and the product of what is widely perceived as the most corrupt political machine in America, has some serious problems with the truth. He is beginning to make the Clintons look like amateurs.

The obvious example is his inability to remember anything anti-American or anti-Semitic after having belonged to an Afro-Centric church for twenty years. The pastor is a man Obama has declared a mentor and family friend, someone who’s tight with Minister Farrakhan of the Black Muslims.

Then there’s his association with a Chicago real estate magnate that allowed him to buy a million-dollar home some regard as well beyond his and his wife’s means at the time. It probably helped that his wife received a whopping big raise from the non-profit hospital that had benefited from some Obama earmarks in Congress.

Indeed, I have seen long lists of his purported lies and there is even a website, that offers more fodder, but I don’t need such things to convince me that Obama is a stranger to the truth.

He has the con man’s charm, a master manipulator of all with whom he came in contact.

His message is vague. His actual positions are few except to say he has voted consistently as a Liberal, offering little evidence of bipartisanship. He talks of change and hope, but what politician does not? He is, in Joe Biden’s words, “articulate and clean.” And he has a terrible memory for anything he needs to explain away, coupled with a skill for deflecting criticism.

In the end, I don’t think he likes white people very much. Not even his grandmother.

If he is his party’s nominee, I think we will see Democrats melt away from giving him the support he needs from them. I think Republicans will go to the polls in droves to vote for John McCain. I think he’s toast.


Andy said...

Great read!

So let's see if the Green party can come in and steal some of the Dems away again. lol. Go Green and Go Home, McCain wins.

Lee Hazel said...

Lee Hazel-Missouri Ozarks

There is a plus side of what is going on as this campaign unfolds. The lies, hypocracy and sheer chutzpah of the Democratic party and campaign participants is on display in ways I havn't seen in all of my 70 years.

I really have a great deal of respect for my fellow americans. They do see through the MSM generated smoke screens and the outright lies of the candidates.
I just wish McCain would stop being Mr Twinkletoes and wade in. I don't think the people want a Mr Nice Guy. They want truth.

I've said this before and here I go again. Most americans are aware of the lies behind the Global Warming hoax. This is a made to order issue that the Republicans can ride all the way to a victory in November. All it would take is someone of McCains stature to tell the people very bluntly that they have been lied to, pure and simple. Tell them also that we as a nation have no intention of continueing down this "Climate Change as Man Made" path of self destruction.

It is our intent to open the Alaskan oil fields, to open our territorial waters for oil exploration and developement, to build refineries, to use Nuclear Power, to continue and improve even more the use and cleanliness of coal fired energy resources.
I really feel that if this issue is not pursued I can only conclude that the entirety of WDC is in fact in bed with the global socialist movement as it seems to be regarding the NAU. It is only a matter of time before our flag really does come down.
I've heard many times in my lifetime that "this election is the most significant in our times". I think this one, with the vast array of anti-american forces, DOMESTIC and foreign aligned against us, REALLY, REALLY IS EXTREMELY CRITICAL TO ALL WE BELIEVE IN AND STAND FOR AS A NATION.

Alan Caruba said...

I have a good friend who lives in your neck of the woods, in Falcon, MO. Thanks for adding your comment to mine.