Thursday, May 15, 2008

Extreme Planet Events

By Alan Caruba

A massive earthquake hits China.

A massive cyclone hits Myanmar.

A tsunami in the Indian Ocean devastates parts of Indonesia.

A category 5 hurricane hits New Orleans.

A long-dormant volcano in Chile suddenly erupts.

Tornado activity across Midwest America destroys homes and other structures.

Scientists have been studying extreme weather and seismic events for a long time and, since they occur with frequency, some are considered cyclical, if not always predictable. Can we connect these recent events and come to any conclusion? Or are they simply random?

Despite Al Gore’s readiness to blame everything on global warming, an initial look at these events reveals nothing predictive.

However, enough scientists worldwide have come forward to debunk the global warming hoax to begin thinking seriously about a very predictable planetary event, the next ice age. Humanity and the planet are at the end of an interglacial period of some 11,500 years, the general time frame of such periods. These cycles have been going on for millions of years.

We are very lucky that our earliest ancestors, the Cro-Magnons who lived in the Paleolithic era survived their icy conditions. The Neanderthals, their contemporaries, did not.

The most recent cold spell, known as the “Little Ice Age”, lasted from 1400 to 1850. It primarily affected the northern hemisphere

What we know for sure is that humans are not responsible for the climate, nor do we have any affect on the weather from day to day. Sacrificing virgins, performing rain dances, and other rituals have no affect.

You can therefore ignore those claiming that anthropogenic (human) “forcing” of climate is due to the generation of carbon dioxide (CO2) from our use of energy resources such as coal, natural gas and oil. Things like swamps and all the other animals on Earth produce tons of carbon dioxide and methane, and have for millions of years and during the Jurassic era, there were far higher levels of CO2.

In the short term, the volcano in Chile is putting out so much smoke, soot, and other chemicals that it could briefly change the climate of South America just from the cloud cover it generates. The eruption in the Philippines of Mount Pinatubo, June 1991, had a similar effect and it was felt around the world for several years.

Even without the recent eruption, however, meteorologists will tell you that South America like the rest of the planet has gotten colder in the passed decade. So have the oceans that retain and release 80% to 90% of the earth’s heat.

The environmentalists keep blathering away about our individual “carbon footprint”, but carbon dioxide is a very minor part of the Earth’s atmosphere (0.038%). The human race, along with all other creatures on Earth, can only react to changes in the climate.

Only the massive lies told about carbon dioxide continue to convince people to believe the global warming hoax. Unfortunately, two of those people are Senators Obama and McCain.

These events have nothing to do with human activity and everything to do with changes in the Sun’s activity. The bad news is that the Sun has become inactive in recent years, a change seen in the lack of sunspots, magnetic storms on its surface. That is almost always a precursor to a new ice age. Whether it would be long term or short is probably impossible to predict.

The history and even the mythologies humans have created to explain weather and other events demonstrate that they have been occurring for a very long time. The story of Noah’s ark is just one of them.

Today, if you want to know when and where they are occurring, you can visit, a site that report on current and previous events.

The movement of tectonic plates that just occurred in China, a resurgent volcano in Chile, and turbulent weather events like the cyclone that hit Myanmar or the tsunami that earlier hit Indonesia are dramatic, but it is unlikely that they are connected in any way except that they occur on the turbulent planet we share.


ajdshootist said...

How about Sacrificing Al Gore!

Alan Caruba said...

This works for me! :-)

Aidan said...

Alan, as usual an illuminating piece to say the least. But if the recent contradictory news stories in UK papers about the halt in global warming since 1998, whith CO2 levels simultaneously increased to their highest in 650 000 years, fail to make people question the "science" of global warming, I wonder what will.

I note too that your government has gone ahead and put the polar bear on the endangered list - but said it's not going to cause a further cut in CO2 emissions. Seems like a sort of mixed message to me as they say it's endangered due to melting habitats which may kill two thirds of the species by 2050. I do recall reading, on your site I think, of a polar bear expert (Taylor I think his name was ?) who said something like of the 20 or so populations of polar bears worldwide, 16 were increasing while the rest were stable or unreported? Do you have any references to that individual as I'd be interested to read his material? I am mindful to write to one of the local rags to try and set some facts out about climate which never seem to make it into the papers - not that it'll do much good as they'll probably never print it, but I feel I have to try to do something as it's all getting a bit much now. I have just read Nigel Lawson's new book "An Appeal To Reason - A Cool Look at Global Warming" which is really good for putting the sceptics' view forward, but many people won't read it, and it'll never get the media coverage that Gore's inflato-biography got. So I hope that a few well-honed points in a newspaper might get one or two people thinking... you never know.

Alan Caruba said...

Do write to your local newspaper. The intensity of Green propaganda has been increased of late because they know they have been caught in a big lie. Every voice that debunks or questions them is needed.

J.M. DosLobos said...

(One more) Great blog, but I think you missed a chance with: "Sacrificing virgins, performing rain dances, and other rituals have no affect," when you failed to suggest that those invokings would certainly be as effective as an offerings from Big Al.

Saildog said...

I suppose Zapata is one of your "mountains of lies":

LIMA (AFP) - Peru's Cordillera Blanca, a snow-topped northern mountain range sometimes called the "Peruvian Switzerland," is slowly disappearing because of climate change, a key issue on the table of a Latin America-EU summit being held in Lima this week.

The glaciers making up the range -- declared a natural world heritage site by UNESCO -- have steadily been shrinking, said Marco Zapata, the head of the glaciology unit of Peru's National Institute for Natural Resources.

He explained that between 1948 and 1976, the Cordillera Blanca has diminished by nine meters, and between 1977 and now by around 20 meters.

Alan Caruba said...

Saildog, like most Greens you are quite relentless, digging around for anything to support the global warming hoax, but you can forget about Lima and check out the Mount Blanc glacier in Europe that has been growing rapidly in recent years, as are most glaciers.

Give up, Saildog. You're beginning to bore everyone.

Saildog said...

Quite the reverse Alan - it is you that are the bore. You have a hypothsesis - "the earth has entered a cooling phase", but you have provided no peer reviewed evidence to support the hypothesis.

I am diverted right now from learning about ENSO - the El Nino-Southern Oscillation Index and how it controls weather patterns not only in the Pacific, but across the world.

The data points to AGW change. I most certainly will not give up.

I had a look at data on Mont Blanc. Long term research funded by the Observatoire des Sciences de l’Univers de Grenoble (OSUG) (last published June 07) has found there is no change in the Mont Blanc Glacier. Not sure what data you are looking at, but seems either you are misinterpreting it, or that it is wrong.

The fact that the glacier hasn't changed also does not support a hypothesis that climate is not changing. That is because changes happen at the phase margins in hydrology; and the Mont Blanc glacier is much higher and colder than the melting point of water. Nevertheless temperatures, as expected at high altitudes (and latitudes), have increased by more than the mean. They are 1 deg C higher on the Mont Blanc Glacier.

Saildog said...

The other point Alan is that I can point to dissappearing glaciers all over the world. The Peruvian story is but one.

AGW is going to cause massive problems for people living under the Himalayas, the Rockies and the Andes. Meltwater, released over the summer provides for a constant supply of water throughout the year. AGW will mean these areas (including LA) either already have big problems with water, or will have increasingly in the near future.

I am doing my best to debunk you and people like you. You and your efforts are dissproportionately damaging.

James said...

I think we need to remember that in a dynamic system, anything that is stationary gets left behind. Of course the glacier in South America is receding. At other times its advancing. That's what glaciers do. I suspect that after this winter it will begin advancing again.

Alan Caruba said...

That's two responses to my one. Yes, Saildog, you are a bore. No point posting your comments any more. We have all had enough of them. Bye!

James said...


Did you miss that supposed Anthropogenic Global Warming has stopped, and according to the geniuses at the IPCC it's due to "natural climatic variations". Hmmm, who would have thought that there are variations in our climate.

papertiger said...

"Peer review" he says.

Damn to the depths whatever man what thought of "Peer review".

Alan Caruba said...

Here's some news about glaciers.

Against odds, glacier grows in cauldron of Mt. St. Helens

15 May 08 – “On May 18, 1980, the once bucolic ice-cream cone shape that defined Mount St. Helens in Washington state disappeared in monstrous blast of ash, rock, gas, and heat.

“Inside the volcano, which was once a soft dome of snow but is now a gaping, steaming menace with an unpredictable streak, an unexpected phenomenon is taking place: a glacier is growing.

“In these days of global warming concerns and scientists showing alarming then-and-now images of glaciers disappearing from mountainsides, it may be the only growing glacier in America - or maybe the world.

What a lie!

“Researcher Joseph Walder with the U.S. Geological Survey says the shade from the crater wall is allowing the glacier to grow in height by about 15 feet per year.

“But that's not the only thing driving the unlikely growth of the glacier, which shares the crater with a lava dome that is hot enough in most places to instantly boil water.

The only growing glacier in America or the world?

- Look south, where all seven glaciers on Mount Shasta are growing.

- Look north, where Washington’s Nisqually Glacier is growing.

- Look farther north, where glaciers on Washington’s Mt. Shuksan are growing. ]

- Look west, where all 50 New Zealand glaciers are growing.

- More than 90% of the world’s glaciers are growing, and someone publishes lies like this?

Four years ago, the snow and ice in the crater was equal in volume
to all of the pre-eruption glaciers on Mount St. Helens combined prior to the eruption ... and the news media is just now writing about it. It’s an absolute travesty how people are being mislead.

Unknown said...

You may want to do a search on "weather wars" and the use of ELFs, EMFs, microwaves and scalar waves. Prophecies and predictions could be "plans" produced by technologies to take our rights away through lies to instill fear.

Alan Caruba said...

Sharyn, from what I know of the weather, it is to vast and chaotic a system for any technology to impact. "Weather wars" strike me as science fiction.