Friday, August 29, 2008

The Formidable Sarah Palin

By Alan Caruba

If Molly Brown was unsinkable, than Gov. Sarah Palin is formidable.

What a remarkable choice and what a good one.

Gov. Palin brings so many assets to the ticket it is hard to know where to begin. As she mentioned in her introductory speech, Hillary Clinton garnered 18 million votes. In my mind’s eye I saw those votes move into her column on Election Day.

There is another factor that will loom large in voter’s minds on November 4 and that is OIL. Alaska sits atop a huge reserve of oil and unknown, potential offshore of its coastline. It is Democrats that have thwarted efforts to drill in ANWR. They're going to wish they hadn't.

As the war in Iraq fades from the headlines, voters are increasingly focusing on domestic issues and high among them is the cost of gasoline and heating oil.

How tired Sen. Joe Biden will look beside this fresh new face of politics in America and how sad that the first thing the Obama campaign did was to deliberately ignore the fact that she is the chief executive of Alaska by commenting on her former office as the mayor of a small town.

Where I live, being mayor is an important job. Being governor of a U.S. State has to be one of the toughest.

Imagine doing that and being the mother of five children, the oldest of whom is headed for Iraq with the U.S. Army and the newest of whom is a Downs Syndrome baby?

Formidable! A remarkable person in her own right, but it gets better. Gov. Palin is a legitimate government reformer.

In the weeks ahead we shall hear much of Sarah Palin, but for now her resume alone must surely give her Democrat opponents pause.

As we all get to know her better, we will be asked to go to the polls and make a truly historic vote for the nation’s future.


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"It is Democrats that have thwarted efforts to drill in ANWR."

Not only Democrats. Last time I checked, McCain was a Republican.