Friday, August 22, 2008

The More He Talks, the Worse it Gets for Him

By Alan Caruba

Does it strike anyone as ironic that the more Barack Obama talks, the worse it gets for him?

Here’s a guy who can deliver a teleprompter speech with great power, but who has trouble answering simple questions.

Pastor Rick Warren of the Saddleback Church charitably called his responses, “nuanced.”

Others characterize them as lies.

Barack Obama has a very big problem. He is trying to explain away his radical positions on some issues that are very important to various sectors of the voting public. He won’t say he’s pro-choice on the abortion issue. He dances around favoring gay marriages. He calls for “change” but the change he wants is higher taxes for everyone and as Mr. Straight Talk, John McCain, so bluntly puts it, he’s for “defeat” in Iraq.

We have all met the Barack Obama’s of the world. They are smooth. From the moment they meet you they’re your best friend. If you’re doing business with them and you read the small print, you’re likely to decide you really don’t want the deal.

The small print so far in Obama’s life has been his wife’s hardcore racism when it comes to white people. The small print, with a few exceptions like the revelations concerning Rev. Jeremiah Wright, ex-Weather Underground terrorist, Bill Ayers, and financial supporter, convicted real estate developer, Tony Rezko, does not include his very Muslim family relatives in Kenya and who-knows-who else will crawl out to bite him.

Bill Clinton survived longtime girlfriend and lover, Jennifer Flowers, but Obama is not likely to be so lucky.

Barack Obama’s real problem, however, is that the more people hear him speak, the less inclined they are to buy his “audacity of hope” because, like most of us, there are some serious problems like the cost of filling the car’s gas tank. Blaming “Big Oil” is nowhere near an answer when the obvious one is to drill here in America for our own abundant oil reserves.

“Clean energy” is another one of those catch phrases that no longer resonates with people who have figured out that wind and solar won’t keep the lights on. If "global warming" is mentioned, you will be able to hear the snickers resonate from coast to coast.

Hope does not stop illegal aliens at the border. Hope will not save Social Security or Medicare. Hope will not change Vladimir Putin's ambitions nor those of Mamoud Amadinejad and Hugo Chavez.

As far as the economy is concerned, simply taxing everyone and redistributing the money is not a popular notion these days. Hope is a fine thing, but it doesn't generate jobs.

I, for one, am looking forward to the Democrat Party convention in Denver next week. I want to hear what Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, and a roll call of fervent liberals have to say about the future. If these Democrats talk a lot of environmental nonsense or badmouth America, the Republicans hardly need even hold a convention. They will be able to phone it in.

I want to hear what Barack Obama has to say. If it’s more of the same grandiose rhetoric about hope and change, he’s on his way to being a footnote in some future history book. My guess is that Obama thinks he’s smart and that the rest of us are just so stupid that he can talk his way into the White House.

He’s wrong.

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