Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Michelle Loves Barack

By Alan Caruba

I am happy to report that Michelle Obama loves her husband, Barack, and their two girls. She loved her father and, although her mother was in the audience, did not once say she loved her too.

And this graduate of two elite, Ivy League universities whose names she did not mention, also loves America.

If this is what passes for politics in America these days, we no longer need soap operas or “reality” television shows with beautiful couples lusting for one another.

Though I promised myself I would not watch much of the Democrat convention, I did tune in to hear Michelle Obama’s speech. I saw her mother in the audience and noticed that, not once, did she smile. Maybe she’s just of a serious turn of mind or maybe she thought the speech was less than truthful?

I understand full well that the first night of the convention was intended to “introduce” Barack Obama to the nation. I was under the impression that’s what he did with his vague and misleading autobiography and for the last year or more during the primaries. How many times do we need to be “introduced” to someone who already has amassed such a body of lies about his past that it will take another book or two to tell the truth?

Oh, wait. There are already two books out. I read the one by Dr. Jerome Corsi, a PhD in political science. It is titled “Obama Nation” and has some thirty pages of carefully documented citations to back up each quote and fact. I recommend you read it before voting in November.

I suppose the best news out of the Democrat convention is how divided they are. The Obama camp and the Clinton camp really don’t like each other and I suspect a lot of Clintonistias will be voting for John McCain in November.

One can only hope (one of Obama’s favorite words, the other being “change”) that we will not be treated to more political pabulum over the remaining days of the convention, but I rather doubt it. The last thing the Democrats want to do is address the real issues of our times. They would prefer to continue demonizing “Big Oil”, advocating “clean energy”, ignoring Iran’s growing capacity to build nuclear weapons, and Russia’s recent invasion of Georgia.

We now have two nights ahead in which the Clintons will demonstrate who really owns the Democrat Party. No, Hillary will not dramatically wrest the nomination from Obama, but her supporters will make it abundantly clear who they think should be at the top of the ticket this year and it isn’t some upstart from Illinois.

Dave Barry, the humorist, says that the Convention has cleared seven or eight hours for Joe Biden’s acceptance speech. The reality is, however, Joe Biden is on the ticket because, like John McCain, he has spent more time in elected office than Barack Obama’s stint in the Illinois legislature and the 140-plus days he actually showed up in the Senate chambers since being elected in 2004.

In terms of the Democrat narrative, we know precious little about their presumptive presidential nominee. He delivers a good speech when he has a teleprompter in front of him. He’s all about hope and change. He has an engaging smile. He is an empty suit who hopes that his many lies will lift him like a hot air balloon into the White House.

The problem is that he also has a history of associations with Marxists, convicted real estate developers, a minister who says G-d America, the notorious Chicago political machine, and was abandoned by his African father, by his Indonesian step-father, and by his mother who gave him over to the care of his white grandparents.

It is nothing less than astonishing that this is the best man the Democrat Party could produce as its candidate for the presidency in 2008.

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