Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Follow the Money

By Alan Caruba

When Bob Woodward of The Washington Post was investigating Watergate in the 1970s, he had an informant nicknamed “Deep Throat.” He would later be identified as W. Mark Felt, the second-in-command at the FBI who famously advised him to “Follow the money.”

That is what David Horowitz and Jacob Laskin, the authors of “The New Leviathan”, have done---tracing the way major U.S. foundations, the creations of some of the nation’s most successful business leaders, conservatives all, have been taken over by liberal administrators and whose fortunes have been redirected to fund a vast matrix of organizations, many of whom are radical in nature, to “fundamentally transform” America.

It is the great irony and tragedy that the fortunes of John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, John H. Heinz and David Packard—assets totaling more than $100 billion—have been used to destroy capitalism and the free market while advancing the corrosive goals of environmentalism, the failure to address illegal immigration, the creation of Obamacare, our national security, and even efforts to steal presidential elections from voters.

This funding explains why an unknown U.S. Senator with a totally bogus life story is now the President of the United States. It is why our nation’s educational system has been destroyed by public sector teachers’ unions. It is why the global warming hoax continues to be promoted despite having been exposed. It is why the nation continues to struggle with illegal immigration. It is why Obamacare has been foisted on a nation when the majority rejected it.

The only way to understand how and why this has occurred is to read this extraordinary book whose content has been meticulously research and presented by a true patriot, David Horowitz, the bestselling author of several books in concert with Jacob Laskin, the managing editor of Front Page Magazine.

“With assets of over $100 billion, the largest concentration of money available for political purposes ever amassed, and more than ten times the size of its conservative counterpart,” the authors report on how it has “spawned a secondary network of 501c3 policy think tanks and advocacy groups that number in the thousands, and that, in areas of critical social and political import, can deploy resources that exceed those of their conservative rivals by as much as a hundred to one.”

This is the juggernaut against which conservatives must struggle. Supporting environmental, immigration, and other groups, this matrix of funding is a fifth column within America, working and spending to destroy it.

As the national elections loom in November, the authors note that “J. Christian Adams, an election lawyer who served in the Voting Rights Section of the U.S. Department of Justice, has documented how millions of dollars from leftist foundations have established a permanent infrastructure of left-wing litigators and law firms designed to alter election outcomes through policy advocacy and strategic litigation.” And you wonder why Democrats oppose the “Voter ID” program and the Obama Justice Department has demanded that Florida stop culling its registration records to eliminate dead voters, felons, and ineligible voters.

The role of public service unions, looting the treasuries of the states was seen in the virulent assaults in Wisconsin and, fortunately, the defeat of the recall election against a governor who stood up against them. The authors document how dependent on these unions the President was and is. It explains why Obama filled many cabinet posts with SEIU officials.

In a similar fashion, it explains why billions have been wasted on “clean energy” companies at the same time a war on coal (and oil) has been conducted by the Obama administration. With the wealth our natural resources could create, America’s manufacturing base, if given the protection it needs, could create thousands of new jobs, and could resuscitate the economy if only given the opportunity.

In so many ways the Left is waging a war on the entire nation to undermine its Constitution, its economy and its institutions. “The New Leviathan” documents who is funding this war and why America has a Marxist in the Oval Office.

The vote remains the last recourse to save the nation from the Left.

© Alan Caruba, 2012

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Guy in Ohio said...

And as Mark Levin mentioned on his show tonight, the number of government officials who aren't subject to the ballot box, yet have the power to make and implement policy is alarming ...