Saturday, August 16, 2008

Outrage over New Obama Book

By Alan Caruba

Eugene Robinson, a liberal columnist, was outraged over Jerome Corsi’s new book, “Obama Nation.”

Referring to Corsi, he wrote, “The ‘author’, and I use the term loosely, whose vicious lies damaged John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign has crawled back out from under his rock to spew vicious lies about Barack Obama.”

I, however, have actually read Corsi’s book, currently a New York Times bestseller, and I can tell you that it has 34 pages of citations documenting everything he has written; all small print.

Corsi, a PhD in political science, has produced a work of serious scholarship. It differs considerably from the autobiography that Barack Obama wrote and that is because it examines the facts of Obama’s life and the result is cause for serious concern about this shooting star in the Democrat firmament.

Corsi’s book about John Kerry, “Unfit for Command”, most surely did damage to his campaign as it unmasked the façade of a Vietnam War “hero” to reveal the man who had returned home to slander his fellow soldiers as rapists and murderers. It was the effete John Kerry who did most of the damage, though, at one point declaring that he had voted for a particular piece of legislation, “before voting against it.”

Ironically, it is Obama’s predilection for “revising”, i.e., changing his mind, that has planted the seed of doubt in the minds of prospective voters. It is Obama who can deliver a teleprompter-guided speech to perfection, but cannot answer a simple yes or no question without pauses and revisions in mid-sentence.

“Corsi’s new volume of vitriol, ‘The Obama Nation’,” wrote Robinson, “seeks to smear Obama as a ‘leftist’ and add fuel to the false and discredited rumor that he is secretly a radical Muslim or at least has ‘extensive connections to Islam.’” A candidate who has been endorsed by Hamas and is alleged to have received campaign donations from Gaza most certainly has some connections. More specifically, however, Corsi simply traces Obama’s early exposure to Islam given his parentage by a Kenyan and an Indonesian step-father, also a Muslim.

As for his “leftist” identity, it would be impossible after reading Corsi’s book to ignore his history of association with leftists, all painstakingly documented. His voting records reveal an extreme liberal commitment.

Why, one must ask, is Corsi’s book an instant bestseller? The answer is that voters are concerned that the Obama they are being offered by the Democrat Party is something other than what is being said about him by the sycophants eager to get on his bandwagon.

This is a candidate whose rise to fame is predicated on his opposition to the Iraq war, but who nonetheless voted to fund it; a fact that Hillary Clinton repeatedly pointed out during the primaries.

Corsi reveals a young man who was first abandoned by his father, then abandoned by his step-father, and finally abandoned by his mother to the only people who truly seemed to care about him, his white grandparents.

Corsi’s book is a brilliant and sometimes chilling expose of Barack Hussein Obama. If I were in charge of his campaign or any one of the liberal columnists seeking to put him in the White House, I would be outraged too. There’s something about the truth that always brings out the worst in liberals.


Diogenes said...

Why is it a best-seller? Because neocon groups have bought the book in bulk, handing them out for free to whoever will take a copy. Why? Just so the book appears to be immensely popular across a wide spectrum of voters. Ir's not.

34 pages of citations, "all small print." LMAO Did you actually READ any of that "all small print"? A majority of the citations is uses to document his book are citations to other articles he (Corsi) has written. Some "documentation"! It goes like this: "Here's what I'm saying, but you don't have to take my word for it, I hve sources. See my sources? Me!" Yeah, that's some serious scholarship all right -- if you happened to finish 894 out of 899 in your graduating class at Annapolis (as John McCain did).

But Corsi has produced a lot of other serious works. Like claiming 9/11 was an "inside job" pulled by the American government. Like saying Muslims and Catholics share one commonality: both religions are populated by males who like to sexually abuse little boys.

Corsi would have to improve his skills by a factor of ten just to be officially qualified as a "hack".

Alan Caruba said...

I have published your comment only because it is so filled with distortions and inventions that it pretty much makes my case.

I doubt you can prove that the book is being purchased in bulk and I know for certain the citations in Corsi's book involve a wide range of published data well beyond his own writings. Your charge is baseless.

I would welcome knowing where I can read the alleged Corsi writing on 9/11 or about Catholism and Islam. Somehow I get the feeling this charge, too, has no merit.

Face it, you're upset by the public hunger for some real information about Obama...maybe that's why Gallup and Pew pollsters find that he and McCain are tied barely a week before the Democrat (Clinton!) convention.

Doug said...

Right on, Alan. That was going to be my response as well: where are YOUR (diogenes) citations? This clown is doing precisely what he accuses Corsi of.

And of course, we get the obligatory "McCain is dumber" retort. No doubt communists like diogenes gets upset when we neocons mention that Algore flunked out of every college he enrolled in, and W got his degree from Yale, but it's perfectly acceptable and factual to say that W and McCain are dolts. (Yeah, I know ... we're not supposed to hurl invectives, but he started it with his "neocon" crack. Which I'm sure he meant in a "nice way.")

Diogenes would have to improve his spelling by a factor of ten before he officially qualifies as a "writer." (whoever, ir's, hve, all right)