Tuesday, June 28, 2011

President Babe

By Alan Caruba

There’s a lot I don’t know about Michele Bachmann, the Minnesota Representative who just announced that she wants to be the next President of the United States of America, but I do know she is great eye candy and, given the present occupier of the office, I would much rather look at her in the Oval Office than him.

She is—and I say this with all due respect—a babe.

Mitt Romney, with whom she is currently a “front runner” in the nomination sweepstakes, looks classically presidential. He is a handsome fellow with a winning smile. My guess, though, is that if Texas Governor Rick Perry gets in the GOP race, all bets are off or, more accurately, all bets will be on him. Gov. Perry has a certain John Wayne cragginess about him and a track record of success in the Lone Star State.

I would like to say that the presidency is not a beauty contest, but to some degree it is.

Put side-by-side on a stage with Obama during the 2008 campaign, John McCain looked like one of the dwarfs that hung out with Snow White. However, confounding everyone during the campaign was the former beauty contest contestant and Governor of the Great State of Alaska, Sarah Palin and she, too, is an attractive gal. Plus she can skin a moose. Can you????

In a society that is conditioned by scads of celebrity silliness to prefer handsome men and beautiful women, it is no secret that we prefer our candidates to meet Hollywood casting standards. Anyone old enough to remember John F. Kennedy can verify that. Rumor is that the ladies loved him and he returned the favor. Jackie Kennedy was quite a beauty in her own right and a great asset for him.

By Hollywood standards, who would not vote for George Clooney or Robert Redford in a heartbeat? By comparison, Newt Gingrich more resembles the Pillsbury Doughboy. Until he opens his mouth and then he has the tendency to make a lot of sense along with the occasionally egregious gaff such as teaming with Nancy Pelosi to spout global warming fairy tales.

Now here’s where it gets interesting. According to a recent Rasmussen survey, 73% say they expect the United States will have a woman President sometime in the next ten years. “Voters are more willing than ever to elect a woman president” said the survey results and the national telephone survey found that “82% of likely U.S. voters say they are willing to vote for a woman president.”

So a President Bachmann, while unlikely in the short run, is not unlikely in the decade ahead unless, of course, we elect a President Palin before that. Some political pundits are saying that Rep. Bachmann might end up on the GOP ticket as the vice president candidate and would thus be one heart attack away from the presidency.

Rep. Bachmann is a Tea Party conservative and that has been gaining traction. I would vote for her just because she wants to repeal Obamacare and there’s much in her stated political positions with which I would agree. In politics as in life, good timing is always helpful and Rep. Bachmann brings an impressive personal and political resume to a race that is actually beginning to look and sound interesting.

Given the savage treatment accorded Gov. Palin, we shall soon know how much Rep. Bachmann scares the Left by how quickly they begin to photoshop her head on photos of porn star bodies. Their dementia knows no bounds.

Americans should recall that Ronald Reagan’s counterpart in Great Britain was Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and England has not had a PM to match her judgment and toughness since.

Let us keep our eye on the prize which in this case is to send Barack Hussein Obama packing; back to his beloved Chicago where he can pig out on fast food with Rahm Emanuel, Bill Ayers, and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

© Alan Caruba, 2011


AD said...

Whoa whoa, don't you mean send President Biden packing? Because you predicted that Obama would resign before the end of his term, remember?

Alan Caruba said...

@AD. I stand corrected and I sit corrected. Sometimes I lean against something corrected. Mostly I prefer to lay down corrected.

Anonymous said...

Perry/Bachmann would be a ticket to support in MY opinion, as long as neither commits an egregious misstep along the way...

And skinning a moose is no different than skinning a deer, and any hunter can do it....

Doncha know by golly doggone it you betcha you do you old curmudgeon you...


Alan Caruba said...

@TexasFred: Sorry, but my knowledge of Moose (Meese? Mooses?) is restricted to the Animal Planet channel.

Gustav said...

I support Bachman or any other conservative challenger to Obama. But she lacks the aplomb and native good cheer that Palin has, and Reagan had.

Perry & Palin are, IMO, the only two potential candidates who could withstand the brutal media onslaught that we'll see once the election draws close.

Wendell Malone said...

What would be radical in 2012 would be "President Bachmann and Vice President Palin. Or how about President Palin and Vice President Bachmann.

Wouldn't either of these combinations be a hoot! The Liberals would all flee the country...we can all hope, right.

Given the brief bout of insanity that griped many Americans to elect Obama as President, anything seems possible these days.

Rich Kozlovich said...

I heard Chris Wallace's "are you a flake" question to her...and the heat he took. I thought he did her a real service. That was, and in many quarters, still is the take on her, not entirely unjustified either. In point of fact, she ‘needed’ to address that. By asking that question he gave her a platform to defend herself against gossip and innuendo, and acquitted herself quite well.

I'm not all that crazy about Wallace, I think he's arrogant and smarmy, but all of the attacks on him are misplaced in this case. For Bachman...this was a real upside.

Oh…wait….Shazam….I just had a thought. This worked out so well for her, I wonder if perhaps her staff asked him to ask that question. Nah….that is a bit of a stretch. It is a stretch...isn't it?

Alan Caruba said...

@Rich: Or maybe Wallace was just being a male chauvenist pig like the rest of us? :-)

Will Harmon said...

I like Michelle, Sarah, Mitt, and nearly anybody who stands for traditional conservative values, those that made the country what is is until the mid-60's when progressivism got a toe hold, spread like cancer, and is now threatening the life of our country. Alan your point about "keeping our eye on the prize" which is "sending BHO packing" is right on the mark. It's something I've been concerned with when I see all the has-beens, and wannabies throwing their hats in the presedential race. It's not that Gingrich or Santorum or Romney would be a bad president. Any of them are immensely more qualified and would be better than the squatter who presently occupies the White House. But can they win against him? I say "No". I don't believe they could get the independent vote. And I think tea-party candidates are a little too far to the right to suit most independents. We need Obama out and we need a candidate who will not just win, but who will crush this idoit in a landslide. A message needs to be sent to the democrat clowns in the congress that the American people are fed up and mean business. We need a Perry or Christie I think. We need a tough talker and somebody who will put the press and the pundints in their places. (Personally, I think more republican candidates ought to snub the liberal press like Palin did recently). In any event, a lovable, goodie two shoe demeanor like Bachmann's isn't going to get it. Americans are PO'd and I think they want a candidate who can project that he/she is also PO'd and has had enough.

Ronbo said...

I think I speak for a majority of Americans when I say I'd too see Ronald Reagan II elected president in 2012; however, if Jack The Ripper wins the GOP nomination, the Ripper gets my vote!

Travis sez said...

First, my vote will be meaningless in the SF Bay Area because of the liberal population. But, for the primary, I will disqualify anyone who can't convince me they understand the GW fraud, including the damage done by ethanol. I admire Bachmann and think she's capable and also a babe.
Rick Perry was a Democrat supporter of Algore in 2000. He's accomplished at lot in Texas. In the general election it's Anybody But Obama for me.

Anonymous said...

The plural of goose is geese, so, shouldn't the plural of moose indeed be MEESE??

Is a female moose a *mussy*?

And if the plural of mouse is mice, doesn't it follow that the plural of house is HICE??

Alan Caruba said...

@Fred: Time for your nap, Fred!

Rich Kozlovich said...

Texas Fred....you are a trip....I loved it!