Monday, March 31, 2008

Al Gore's Last Gasp?

By Alan Caruba

I admit it is daunting to know one is up against people who have millions of dollars to spend on the global warming hoax and, as Al Gore announced, are ready to spend $300 million in a three-year campaign to convince politicians to impose all manner of legislation that will ultimately ruin our economy and destroy a lifestyle we take for granted.

Among that lifestyle is the freedom from the worry that we will run out of food. If you don’t believe me, Google for stories about shortages of rice, wheat, soy, and other staples. You will discover that governments, particularly in Asia and the Middle East are scrambling to impose bans on the export of locally grown crops and elsewhere governments are seeking to cash in by heavily taxing exports.

Meanwhile, the U.S. has lowest supply of wheat in decades. Bakers have marched on Washington, D.C., to get Congress to pay attention. We could see a worldwide cascade of failure regarding the distribution, import and export, of food crops, beef, and all other food commodities.

Part of the problem is the diversion of crops to make ethanol---a global warming mandate to reduce so-called greenhouse gas emissions---and the other part is what some journalists are calling freaky weather. Only it isn't freaky. It is a reflection of the slow, but steady cooling the Earth is undergoing.

But Al Gore and his fellow schemers are going to spend millions to get the United States Congress to impose all kinds of legislation to tax “pollution”, create a cap-and-trade exchange for credits on carbon dioxide, i.e., greenhouse gas, emissions. The government has already put in place a ban on the future purchase of incandescent light bulbs, requires cars to conform to mileage standards per gallon of gasoline, and requires billions of gallons of ethanol be produced as a gas additive. To do that, corn is being burned for fuel instead of eaten!

Al Gore says he's on a mission to “Save the Earth” or maybe he's really out to reduce its population because he thinks they’re polluting and consuming too much. He's putting together $300 million because, to him, that isn’t too much to create a man-made famine and impose all manner of other restrictions on every aspect of our lives.

The entire global warming hoax, run out of the United Nations, is a criminal enterprise and Al Gore may be remembered as a man who managed to starve more people to death than Stalin and Mao combined.

No doubt Gore’s campaign will be welcomed by the brain-dead and ignorant, but it needs to be fought as a threat to mankind in general and the United States in particular.

If the global warming hoax can be defeated, the Earth and all that dwells upon it will be the winners. Let’s hope this campaign is Al Gore’s last gasp effort to do more harm than all the despots of the past combined.

My guess is that the global warming hoax is going to be buried under blizzards of snow the likes of which have never been seen in the memory of man. The Earth is cooling, not warming.


Chief said...

So faulters America, so faulters the world. We are not the big dog on the block for no good reason.

If we are bull-dozed under then China will fall very hard shortly therafter due to export failures with the US. No America, no country to dump their junk on. Nobody works in Red China.

The Euro-Union will then fall very hard in reaction to Wallstreet or lack of Wallstreet. They need us to base their currency on.

Russia will fall very hard with no one to buy their molasses they call oil.

The Middle-East with its' vast oil reserves will become a fourth world set of nations with no one to buy their oil. Ah, Islam.

Now, we will not polute. We will not eat. We will not work. We will not buy or sell. But, we will breathe clean air and have reasonable temperatures.

However, it may just snow.

Jacques Ditte said...

Al Gore's last Gasp? Now there's a carbon credit i'm willing to pay for!

Andy said...

It's shocking to think that in our childrens' children's history books (if there are still books around made of paper), the years 2000 - 2008 or 9 will go down as the beginning of the GREEN ERA.

Where exactly is Gore acquiring this 300million dollars from? Cash Cab? There's no way his book and movie pulled in more than Gladiator.

Moses Gunner said...

Have any of you guys hear what the New Jersey Nets are doing to in the fight against global warming? Not only are there games now carbon-neutral, but they traded Jason Kidd to the Dallas Maveriks for the a “better environment” also. Julianne Waldron explained to the media that Kidd was giving off to much Carbon dioxide. “Jason Kidd always hustles when he is on the basketball court, and we all admire that greatly. But all of that running up and down the court, pushing the team out on fastbreaks, expending extra energy just to make a few extra points and possibly win a game, caused all of the players to breathe a great deal more heavily and thereby expel extra amounts of carbon dioxide into the air, and we all know that is bad for the environment. We made the difficult decision to trade Kidd in order to save the planet.” Check out this article I found on it Environmental Activism is the Key to the Current Success of the New Jersey Nets

Alan Caruba said...

Joe: Why do I think the linked article has got to be an April Fools' joke?

Thanks for sharing.