Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Green April Fools

By Alan Caruba

The thing most people don’t “get” is that the environmental movement is relentless in the spreading of its lies. It never stops and it takes all forms of action, all intended to indoctrinate a younger generation and advance its agenda with an older one.

Take, for example, the plans for April Fool’s Day by the Energy Action Coalition, Rising Tide Network, and Rainforest Action Network. They have come together to sponsor “Fossil Fools Day.”

It is described as “an international day of protest focused on climate change and energy issues.” You may have noticed by now that the Greens only rarely refer to “global warming” any more. The reason for this is the way it is becoming increasingly difficult to convince anyone the Earth is warming when it is subjected to huge blizzards like those that occurred in China or the snow that fell in parts of South America where it hasn’t happened for decades.

The “Fossil Fuels”event will include not only bike rides and “green job rallies”, but “protests and civil disobedience at power plants, energy companies, urban sprawl developers, Bank of America mass account closures," and presumably a host of things that go beyond free speech and will likely involve vandalism or worse.

These events are planned for “over 100 locations throughout the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.”

You need to seriously contemplate what is being protested here: electricity, housing and office developments, and transportation fuels among other horrors of modern civilization. In other words, everything a modern society needs to provide for the welfare of its population and its economy.

Take away energy resources and these Fossil Fools protesters are quite literally in the dark. Take away oil, natural gas, and coal, and we are all back to an era when the only fuel was wood!

The news release I received said the reason for Fossil Fools Day was that, “Leading climate scientists warn that dramatic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions must begin immediately to avoid catastrophic climate shifts…”

Is this message getting a little “old” for you?

It is for lots of people, even if they are unaware that the main culprit that environmentalists keep citing among greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide. CO2 represents 0.038% of the Earth’s atmosphere. It has next to nothing to do with the climate. As for scientists, several hundred got together in New York in early March to hold a two-day conference debunking the global warming lies.

The Fossil Fuel protesters might was well complain about the Sun, clouds, oceans, or volcanic activity which the real drivers of the Earth’s climate. They won’t, of course, because to do so would make them look completely idiotic.

So the climate change/global warming propaganda campaign goes on. The victims are a new generation too young to know the truth and the rest of us who must continue to point out what these Green barbarians are doing to advance this greatest of modern hoaxes.


Andy said...

The one thing that makes me laugh about Global Wobble (see Futurama), is how good our leaders are at talking about it and how bad they are at doing anything about it.

What are we actually doing to subside global warming (better known as "global cooling")? The people who are paid to make decisions are doing an excellent job at creating mass hysteria, paranoia, and job security. Yes, job security, they'll always have a job as long as there is something to discuss and argue about on the nightly news channels.

I am curious to see what would happen if we spent as much money on a recycling program (anti-landfill program) that is actually effective at gaining consumer use as we do on creating media propagana outlets and advertising on said outlets. If you watch the 30 minute nightly news, try recording it, then fast-forward through the commercials (notice how many drug commercials?). You'll notice that the news is only about 17 minutes long; the ads are nearly half of the program.

Where does all that money go? I've never seen a commercial about reducing waste, where to recycle, or what to recycle. Yet, it's a #1 concern of the "public" in the presidential nominations debates. Is it really a concern? If it is, why isn't there anything being mentioned on the news? Is it that it's not exciting enough to get ratings on TV? Is it that it's such a dry and dead debate that it's perfect for presidential debates and perfect for politicans that can never make compromising decisions?

If you watched GW's last State of the Union address, the only thing everyone (both super-divided sides) of the house stood up on and applauded was the Global Warming schpeil he spoke briefly about. I wonder why they loved that one? My guess is because it'll never be resolved and gives as much future job security and party divide as Roe vs. Wade, Iraq War(s), healthcare, and civil rights.

Saildog said...

Whats wrong Alan? Too chicken to publish my comment? Doesn't fit with your agenda? Your blog will be boring indeed if there is no dissension on it.

Alan Caruba said...

Sea Dog, this is MY blog and I decide what comments get posted by way of a response to my posts. I am long passed giving any credence to global warming and even less interested in providing a platform for the notion that the climate is "changed" as the result of human activity. So, no, it is unlikely I will post your comments.