Friday, March 7, 2008

More Dead Jews

By Alan Caruba

Here are their names:

Yohai Livshitz, 18
Neria Cohen, 15
Yonatan Yizhak Eldar, 16
Yanadav Haim Hirschfeld, 19
Segev Peniel Avihail, 15
Avraham David Moses, 16
Ro’I Roth, 18
Maharta Taruno, 26

All dead. All murdered in a Jerusalem yeshiva on March 6th.

A thousand years before the birth of Mohammad there was a Jerusalem and a Jewish homeland, but Islam demands and Islam celebrates the death of Jews and all other non-believers, including its own apostates.

The only alternative is to be a “dhimmi”, a second-rate citizen subject to the abuses of arrogant Muslims.

They celebrated the murders in Gaza by, of course, shooting off guns.

Gaza, which the Israelis abandoned to the Palestinians in the hope they might take the land and make a nation for themselves. On one side, the Egyptians built a wall to keep the Palestinians out. On the other side, the Israelis built a wall to keep the Palestinians in.

That’s what you do with a deranged and homicidal population.

Hamas took credit for the murders and then retracted it. Hamas or Hezbollah, it doesn’t matter. They are both Palestinian. Fatah, also Palestinian, grown fat stealing the aid sent by the EU and even the U.S. is no longer a factor despite the pretence of securing “peace” with or through them.

What can be said of a people who celebrate the murder of children?

What can be said of a people who send their own children to die as suicide bombers?

How can such people lay claim to anything the world recognizes as moral behavior?

Islam is a belief devoted only to death; a Paradise for its endless martyrs, and a Hell for Muslims who do not totally surrender their lives to it and, of course, for the unbelievers.

What did those Jewish youth do to justify their murder? Nothing. They were killed for the same reason Jews were slaughtered in the millions in my own lifetime—for the crime of being Jewish.

People say that the problems in the Middle East would go away if there was no Israel, but where were the survivors of the Nazi death camps to go? Where were the Russian “Refuzniks” to find sanctuary?

If other peoples can have a homeland, why must Jews alone be denied theirs?

The problems of the Middle East are the problems anyone in any previous century, coming in contact with Muslims, would have easily described, and which England and Europe in this century are encountering.

The problem is Islam, was Islam, will be Islam.

Let us no longer hear talk of a “peace process” between Israel and its enemies.

The Palestinian cancer, alive and well in Lebanon, the West Bank, and Gaza, to name just a few places it infects, must either burn itself out or be destroyed for the threat it is.

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eastwind said...

Correct, the problem is Islam, and will continue to be Islam. Anyone who looks at the Muslim doctrine will find that ALL Muslims are in a war with the infidel and they are subject to death should they hold a contrary view.

The recent deaths will eventually fall into the trash heap of history as another atrocity of the 'peace loving' Muslims. Hamas on one fork of the tongue wants to 'negotiate' for 'peace' and on the other fork cheers the recent bloodshed as 'heroic'. These people LIE, they make any overture necessary for them to attain their stated end which is to push Israel into the sea. Jerusalem being a divided city is just a time bomb waiting to explode.

How much has the MSM reported upon this? They simply ignore it. Must are apparently becoming so jaded by the so 'insurgent' car-bombs in Iraq that anytime we don't hear of a cool dozen hitting the dust its not worth their time. CBN was the only network to give any credible time to this matter. Had Israel been the instigator, world opinion would have immediately been stoked by the MSM to condemn 'such inhumanity!'

Until Olmert is deposed for the traitor he is, Israel will continue its backslide into the center circle of the bullseye set by radical Islamics like Hamas, who simply further the general principle of standard Islam.

Israel, under pressure from the US and the rest of the world, gave up the Gaza strip in the hopes of "Land for Peace" and is now, under Olmert, contemplating giving up the West Bank. These two areas were to be the buffers of a defense for the State of Israel, instead, they will become staging grounds for escalating rocket attacks by the Palestinians and other Islamic groups into that country. "Land for Peace" did not work with Hitler and its not going to work with Islam, the reality is already in full view.

These people lie from the very first word out of their mouths. When it comes to achieving their ends, every mean is acceptable. "Make treaties today, violate them tomorrow." Thats the premise. They have absolutely no intention of standing by Any agreements. The world stands in apathy as this black tide is rising, not only in Israel, but in Europe, the USA, and elsewhere in the world for the goal of Islamic domination. Thats their stated creed, their ultimate goal, and from appearances is on the road to success, little by little.

Sorry for the ramble......had to get it off my chest.