Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Democrat Party Questions

By Alan Caruba

Did the Democrats actually think they could field a black man and a white woman competing to be their party’s candidate for president and not run into a whirlwind of race and gender issues?

Were they really that naïve that these factors would not determine the outcome of the primary race and, depending on who wins, the elections in November?

Did they think they could tell their Florida and Michigan state committees that their delegates would not, could not be seated for holding their elections earlier than the party rules decreed?

Just how much control can be exerted over the super-delegates, all professional politicians very much concerned for their own careers, each dependent to some degree for Democrat success at the polls?

A political party must pay close attention to public opinion and to trends. Didn’t anyone notice that the Iraq war, i.e., occupation, had slipped to the inside pages of the daily newspaper? Did they notice that the economy was heading for the dumper and, with it, the rapt attention of every voter?

So why are both their candidates offering up yet another expensive government bureaucracy in the form of universal health coverage? Is the Democrat Party unaware that Social Security and Medicare are in deep financial trouble?

Since the 2006 elections gave the Democrat Party the majority in Congress, what has been accomplished? Nothing. The Senate’s Harry Reid has publicly said the war in Iraq has been “lost” and House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi hasn’t been able to get any legislation of consequence passed, having squandered months trying to pass legislation to bring all the troops home by last Wednesday or so.

Disorganized, out of step with events, unable to make sense of the daily newspaper, inattentive to the nation’s financial woes except to throw $150 billion at them in the vain hope people will be pacified with a few hundred dollars each, and offering up the same pathetic agenda of the 1940s, one begins to think someone should put this sad old donkey out of its misery.

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