Monday, November 5, 2012

Your Vote and Why It Matters

By Alan Caruba

With the polls showing an appallingly tight race between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, it is, of course, essential that everyone vote for Romney and the GOP congressional candidates.
I confess I cannot understand why anyone would vote for Obama after the worst record of failure for any first-term President since Jimmy Carter, but that is also the reason that I have a gut feeling that the polls and pundits may be wrong.
With history as my guide, I can see a lot of cross-over votes from dissatisfied Democrats and those who voted for Obama for no other reason than the fact he would become the first black President in the nation’s history.
Right up to Ronald Reagan’s election, the experts were predicting that Carter would win a second term.
White guilt and black aspirations made for a powerful combination in 2008, but both have dissipated over the past four years. Blacks, who are economically worse off now, however, will vote for Obama. 
In the 1950s, Eric Hoffer wrote a classic book on ”mass movements” titled “The True Believer” in which he explored the rise of Communism in the then-Soviet Union and Nazism in the 1930s. It is worth noting that less than ten percent of the Germans at that time voted Hitler into office. It is also worth noting Hitler stated that people are susceptible to the “Big Lie.” Not just a bunch of lies, but the promise of a messianic leader to correct the ills they perceive.
Hoffer noted that “The despair brought by unemployment comes not only from the threat of destitution, but from the sudden view of a vast nothingness ahead. The unemployed are more likely to follow the peddlers of hope than the handers-out of relief,” The closeness of the race suggests that the 23 million unemployed will either opt for the hope Romney offers or for the dole that Obama represents.
The nation has been through some 45 months of employment at an official rate of eight percent, but a more accurate rate is far closer to twelve percent.
One should keep in mind that Franklin D. Roosevelt was repeatedly reelected despite a comparable situation. Do the unemployed want the kind of change that will come with a revitalized economy or with government checks and other programs? How will the 47 million Americans below the poverty line vote? We shall find out on Election Day.
Obama succeeded thanks to what Hitler called the “Big Lie” and in Obama’s case it was everything about his life. The reality was that he went to great lengths to hide the actual “paper trail” of information about his academic records, his passport, and even was found to be using a false Social Security number. His “birth certificate” is a pure forgery. Why did no one seem to care? I do not know.
Winston Churchill said that, in war the truth must be protected by “a bodyguard of lies” to deceive the enemy. In Obama’s case, his bodyguard was provided by the mainstream press.
The combination of the sheer lethargy of the process by which he should have been denied the opportunity to run for president—he is not, nor ever was—a natural born citizen, a constitutional requirement for the office, and the slavish adoration of the liberal mainstream media.
What is even more puzzling is the fact that Obama ran up the national debt to more than $16 trillion dollars, more than the debt of all previous presidents. This threatens the value of the U.S. dollar, even more impaired by the feckless actions of the Federal Reserve, a banking cartel granted to right to print money out of thin air.
A recent article by Terence P. Jeffrey on noted that “If Americans under the age of 18 were required as a group to pay off the entirety of the federal government’s debt in equal shares, each would now need to pay about $218,678.”
The 2010 Census found that there were 74,181,467 people in the U.S. under the age of 18. Will those now old enough to vote this time equal the numbers in 2008? If so, do they understand how Obama has ruined their chance to acquire a college education, a decent job, the ability to start a family? All while imposing a huge debt. I doubt it.
Hoffer wrote “Fear of the future causes us to lean against and cling to the present, while faith in the future renders us receptive to change.”
Americans have tried the “hope and change” that Obama offered in 2008. It has been change for the worse by almost any measurement. Does this matter to Americans? Apparently the split between the voters suggests that Obama supporters do not. Either they don’t perceive it, are willing to ignore it, or just do not understand it.
So the fate of the nation is now in the hands of those who do understand it; senior citizens, veterans and the military, more men than women, recent college graduates, evangelicals and others of the faith communities, Tea Party members, and various other sub-sets of the population.
Those who will cast a vote for Mitt Romney and GOP candidates are up against millions who have passed through a purposefully debased educational system. They cannot apply facts or logic to their decision, schooled in the nonsense that “self-esteem” is more important than achievement, competition, personal motivation.
Four more years of Obama’s hold on power will destroy our liberties, our economy, our military, and a better future that has always been passed from an older generation to a younger one.
Romney offers a better future by virtue of his knowledge of how business and industry works in America. He’s not perfect, but he is untainted by scandal, while we continue to wait upon the truth about “Fast and Furious” the Obama administration’s gun-running scheme to Mexican cartels, by the failures of all the “green” companies bankrolled with public funds, and by the Benghazi attack in which a succession of bad decisions culminated in the order to “stand down” while the consulate was under fire on September 11th!
Obama, a Communist, lacks any faith in the free market, in capitalism, having never managed anything of any consequence (not even a political campaign that was fashioned by his handlers). He believes wholly in government as the answer to everything in a nation founded by men who deeply distrusted government and sought to control it by the limits in the Constitution.
So, your vote counts now more than any previous time in the history of the nation.
Democracy is messy, but a totalitarian government offers nothing but slavery and death. It appeals to the worst instincts in man.
© Alan Caruba, 2012


Dave's Daily Day Dream said...

Alan, I posted this in another place last week, you may have missed it. There has been considerable response there...

I am confused (more than normal) about somethng that's been going on during this election cycle.
First, a brief personal aside. Last cycle, many friends and acquaintances, and their various vehicles and lawns had many buttons, stickers, signs and the like, promoting the candidacy of the Democrat candidate.
This year I have not seen (nor heard about) the President's re-election campaign or his presumed victory for the sake of the nation. There have been no buttons of any size, nor signs here in our nuclear-free city of Santa Cruz. Few cars have been seen with the famous Obama/Biden sticker (good thing, sez I, for there was a plan to deal with that!).
What has happened? I know that most of these folks have been told by their associations, unions and other guild assemblies to move "FORWARD!". Why are they not shouting it from their yards and bumpers, their chests and telephone poles?
I thnk they are ashamed. They will vote the straight Democract ticket. After all, that's where the bucks have come from. This time around however, it is not a matter of race or hope. It is obedience. And they are a little embarrassed.

TexasFred said...

If you love the USA, if you have a shred of common sense and any dignity what so ever, VOTE, for Mitt Romney!

O.M.G. = Obama Must Go!

Lime Lite said...

Alan, after reading your article I just can't imagine who would still vote for Obama. It's mind boggling. But, it seems, so many are still ready to believe that in his next term he will somehow get it right. Shame on them for being not only stupid, but gullible and naive. I can only hope that the polls are heavily weighted for Obama and reality will show a very different picture. The Democrats have been found to be committing voter fraud in Ohio and Florida already, so I guess it just shows their character. The other factor that will be interesting will be to see if Obama enjoys a 95% black vote again. If he does, then it should prove once and for all that blacks will vote along racial lines before reality. Let's see what happens. In any case, I pray Romney takes the election as the alternative will be a disaster not only for the USA, but for the rest of the world, including Australia.