Tuesday, July 1, 2014

When the World Goes Crazy it First Kills Jews

Three teens killed by Hamas terrorists in Israel
By Alan Caruba

Consider this, if there had been a state of Israel in the 1930s, many more European Jews would have been able to escape the fate that consumed six million of them during the Nazi Holocaust during World War II.

That there is an Israel today explains why French and Ukrainian Jews are leaving their native countries and making Israel their new home. In mid-June, the Associated Press reported that “Increasing numbers of French Jews are leaving for Israel, citing dim economic prospects and a sense of being caught between an increasingly influential far right and militant Islam. More than 5,000 are on track to leave this year, the most since after the Six-Day War in 1967.”

The chairman of the Jewish Agency, Natan Sharanky, speaking recently, noted that immigration to Israel from around the world had increased by 55%, with particular emphasis on those from France and Ukraine. The Jewish newswire service, Ynet, reported that “Never before has such a large proportion of a Western community made aliyah (return) in a single year.”

If you were a French or Ukrainian Jew, you’d do the same thing if you could. In May, Three Jews, two of whom were Israelis, were murdered and one was wounded at the Jewish Museum in Brussels, Belgium. The suspect, profiled by French police, was a convict radicalized in prison and suspected of having joined Islamists in Syria to fight alongside them. A “disturbing reality” reported The Wall Street Journal is that “hundreds of Europeans have similar backgrounds.”

Seeing the increase, Israel is planning to dedicate $29 million over the next two years to bring in new immigrants.

I don’t see any difference between the Nazis of the 1930s and the Islamists of these years. The Nazis received a lot of support from the Arabs of their era. As for Islam, the Koran is filled with admonitions against Jews in particular and every other “infidel” in general. While there have been periods of tolerance for Jews over the past 1,400 years, the animus towards them has never been reduced and, in present times, we have seen a massive rejection of Christians as well. When Israel became a state in 1948, thousands of Jews from throughout the Middle East fled for their lives to settle there.

What history confirms is that a rise of anti-Semitism has been a signal of greater, wider troubles to come.

The Jewish Virtual Library, in its section on Zionism—the belief that Jews should have a nation-state of their own—notes  that “In the late 19th century, the rise of anti-Semitism led to a resurgence of pogroms in Russia and Eastern Europe, shattering promises of equality and tolerance. This stimulated Jewish immigration to Palestine from Europe.”

Moreover, Zionism does not discriminate against anyone. Israel’s open and democratic character, and its scrupulous protection of the religious and political rights of Christians and Muslims, rebut the charge of exclusivity. Moreover, anyone—Jew or non-Jew, Israeli, American, or Chinese, black, white, or purple—can be a Zionist.”

The rise of Islamism has given rise to much turmoil in the Middle East and in Africa. Nigeria is plagued by Boko Haram, an Islamist terrorist organization that is kidnapping girls and attacking Christian churches. The rise of the Islamic State of Syria and Iraq (ISIS) has evoked global concern for that can occur if it turns its attention to Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and even Iran. Israel’s defense forces have been on alert.

The kidnapping and killing of three teenagers, one of whom was an American, has provoked a number of military attacks to respond to Hamas, the Gaza-based terrorist organization that has “united” with the Palestinian Authority.

This has raised the question of why the U.S. should fund the Palestinian Authority. Currently the U.S. sends some $440 million annually in direct aid to the PA, plus an additional $225 million in funding through the U.N. This continues despite the fact that U.S. foreign appropriations bills expressly forbid funding for “assistance to Hamas or any entity effectively controlled by Hamas or any power-sharing government of which Hamas is a member.” The U.N. remains a hotbed of antagonism toward Israel despite the fact that it is a member.

Despite the long record of accord and cooperation between the U.S. and Israel, support for Palestinian organizations defies justification given their unbroken record of refusal to agree to any peace with Israel, a nation that has been the only true ally the U.S. has had in the Middle East.

The discord in the Ukraine was accompanied by open antagonism for that nation’s Jewish population. The events in France, Belgium, and in England as well, all suggest an anti-Semitism, long an element of life in these nations, is growing. Much of it is attributed to the growing Muslim populations in these and other European nations.

We all know the ultimate enemy of the West is Islam. The decision by thousands of European Jews to move to Israel is a signal of an increasing threat that should not be ignored.

© Alan Caruba, 2014


TexasFred said...

History stands in fact to the title of this story...

My wish is that the Jewish people, mostly Israel, would just launch an all-out attack on anyone that attacks them... Not some limited bombing mission or a precision strike, no Sir, I mean bomb the bastards so badly that the next time one of them has an idea that calls for Israel to be attacked the rest of his fellows stone him to death for even thinking such...

chef621 said...

According to the book of Revelation in the Bible, we are right on track for the coming war at the end of the great tribulation. I rejoice in this because I know who the winner is going to be. YHWH is still in charge and always will be. America will be judged, for electing a muslim president who does not represent the majority of the people. The reps in the senate and congress will be judged for allowing him to do all of the evil things that he has done to the American people and Israel.
"I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you"
YHWH does not lie. It WILL happen. The way things are going, it will not be long!

Unknown said...

The murder of three kids is wrong, always has been wrong and always will be wrong.

Alan Caruba's assertion that Zionism does not discriminate against anyone is not correct. Zionism does not support a Muslim identity as it supports a Jewish identity. Israel discriminates against Muslims by enforcing a system of apartheid against Palestinians.

And people like TexasFred inflame the situation by looking only for revenge. Sad.

Alan Caruba said...

Peter, Israel has about a million Muslim citizens, so the charge of aparteid is incorrect. The Israelis do take steps to protect their people from attacks from Palestinians (high walls, etc), but the murder of the three teens is evidence enough to understand why this is necessary.

TexasFred said...

Yeah Pete, I'm a BAD MAN.. But I'm not a bleeding heart Libber that sits back and watches America die...

Bomb em back to the stone age... Or, kill em all and let Allah sort em out... Either way works for me...

tom said...

What an excellent idea! I think all countries should adopt this approach to law and order. Any time someone gets murdered, just fire dozens of rockets from jets into housing estates in the hope that you'll punish the offenders. Let's not waste time trying to identify the killers with evidence, due process, and all that namby-pamby liberal nonsense.

Unknown said...

One thing I see differently. The term "far right" is used as if Fascism is just naturally to the right. Technically Fascism seeks to control businesses by government rewards or threats and Communism is different in that businesses are formally seized. Fascism isn't a "far right" thing to me; it is a Leftist thing. Nazi was German vernacular for National Socialist. To the right is a free market economy I think and in the United States of old, a Representative Republic. Further to the right might be found total anarchy I suppose.