Monday, November 11, 2013

The Climate Charlatans Gather in Warsaw

By Alan Caruba

Back in 1997, the United Nations held a convention in Kyoto, Japan, that put together the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. It was a treaty that required the nations that agreed to it to reduce “greenhouse gas” emissions, principally carbon dioxide (CO2) in order to save Earth from the perils of “global warming.” There were 192 parties to the convention and, although the U.S. “signed” the treaty, the U.S. Senate unanimously defeated participation. By 2011, our neighbor, Canada, withdrew from it.

In Warsaw, Poland, for two weeks starting on November 11, the usual group of climate change charlatans have gathered for the 19th Conference of the Parties (COP-19) to try to breathe life into this greatest of all hoaxes. In 2009, COP-15, they had gathered in Copenhagen, but failed to come to any agreement on a successor to Kyoto whose mandatory reductions were initially applied to 37 developed nations,

Suffice to say that, as the years went along, the nations that signed have grown increasingly disenchanted with the deal.

First, there’s the little, itty-bitty problem of the actual climate.

It began to cool around the same time the alarmists were shouting that we were all doomed if we didn’t stop using coal, oil, and natural gas because energy was the enemy. The Earth entered a perfectly natural and predictable cooling cycle as the sun grew less active. In Copenhagen, the delegates had to beat it out of town to avoid being stuck there by a huge snowstorm. When Obama’s plane arrived in Washington, D.C., it was just as a blizzard hit the city.

Obama is credited with “saving” the Copenhagen conference by coming up with an agreement to create an annual fund of $100 billion that would begin in 2020 to help poor countries deal with climate change. Since the “Warmists” attribute every kind of climate disturbance to climate change and Obama loves spending U.S. billion we do not have, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Why none of these numbskulls ever asks themselves why they think nations can actually do anything about the climate other than to undermine and make more costly their own energy needs defies an answer. Meanwhile, part of the climate change hoax includes having the developed nations throw billions at undeveloped nations. Indeed, that may be the main reason.

Happily, there are observers at the Warsaw conference who make it their business to expose the global warming lies and monitor the climate change movement at home and abroad. As this is being written, former Apollo VII astronaut, Walter Cunningham, is leading a delegation from CFACT—the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow—a think tank that maintains the award-winning website, Its editor, Marc Morano, is among the group watching the machinations of COP-19.

CFACT’s Executive Director, Craig Rucker, has joined with Poland’s Globalization Institute, Instytut Piotra Skargi, the European Institute for Climate and Energy, and others to produce three climate forums for Polish citizens and policy makers.

This all may seem a bit esoteric. What does a conference in Warsaw have to do with the many other problems facing Americans these days? As Rucker points out, President Obama is looking to shift the public debate from Obamacare to climate change, announcing “a huge new emphasis on global warming at Georgetown (University) in June. In early November, he unleashed an executive order “directly federal bureaucrats to dramatically expand his global warming agenda.” Obama is moving on from health care to “the next legacy of his radical administration—namely, climate alarmism.”

We have been living with climate alarmism since the late 1980s and the years that led up to the Kyoto Protocol. Presently, the result has been an Environmental Protection Agency that has been unleashed on the coal industry and all others, the waste of billions in loans to so-called clean energy companies that promptly went bankrupt, and the scare-mongering that passes for education in the nation’s schools.

The failure of recent COPs to come to any agreement is likely a good sign, suggesting that the climate change hoax is running out of steam, even among the nations that initially supported it.
As Andrew Restuccia reported in Politico, shortly before the Warsaw conference began, “The two-week talks are a key step toward reaching a new global pact by 2015 that would take five years later. No groundbreaking agreements are likely in Warsaw, where, experts say, the main focus will be laying the groundwork for next year’s negotiations in Lima, Peru, and final talks in Paris in 2015.”

Ah! To be in Paris in 2015!

© Alan Caruba, 2013


TexasFred said...

It's funny how the GloBull warming crowd still fails to see the err of their ways...

North Texas has a COLD snap coming, starting tomorrow..

A freeze warning is in effect tonight, this may well be the earliest North Texas has seen a freeze..

Damn that GloBull warming...

RStabb said...

Hold on to your hats... Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms in recorded history is sure to be blamed on global warming by the alarmist.

Lime Lite said...

Our new conservative PM in Australia isn't sending ONE official to this scam. In fact, he came out and said that his government rejects any measures of “socialism masquerading as environmentalism” and won't sign up to any new contributions, taxes or charges at this week’s global summit.

RStabb said...

Like I said...