Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cap-and-Trade Bill: Villainy on a Grand Scale

By Alan Caruba

Supported by outright lies by the President about “clean” or “renewable energy”, and based on the greatest hoax of the modern era, “global warming”, on Friday Congress is reportedly going to vote on the 1,200-page Waxman-Markey “Cap and Trade” bill (H.R. 2454).

It would impose a huge tax on the provision and use of electricity in the nation.

Energy is the most vital resource America has and we have enjoyed abundant and affordable energy for our long history. That will all change if the Waxman-Markey bill becomes law.

There is no “global warming.” The Earth is presently ten years into a cooling cycle and it is predicted to last a very long time.

Calling carbon dioxide “a pollutant” is a lie. All vegetation on Earth is dependent on carbon dioxide. Putting Limits on carbon dioxide emissions is idiocy and lunacy.

For the nearly six months since President Obama assumed office and in league with the majority Democrat Party in Congress, the actions taken to date appear to have a single purpose, the destruction of the nation’s economy.

The Waxman-Markey bill is villainy on a grand scale.

It is no accident that President Obama and his acolytes keep calling for “clean energy”, “energy independence”, and babbling endlessly about “green jobs” as the real jobs of Americans are systematically destroyed. Upon taking office, Obama rescinded the executive order to permit exploration of the nation’s offshore continental shelf for the wealth of oil and natural gas it possesses.

It is no accident that his Secretary of the Interior unilaterally cancelled 77 oil and gas leases or that, on March 25, the House of Representatives passed the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 that adds two million more acres of wilderness to the 107 million acres already “protected” by the federal government.

It is estimated that 300 million barrels of oil and 8.8 trillion cubic feet of natural gas lie beneath these “protected” acres. The government owns 607 million acres of land in a nation founded on the belief in the sanctity and power of private property, the keystone of capitalism.

Even if the bill were to become law, it totally ignores the fact that all the other nations of the Earth will continue to generate “greenhouse gases.” The United Nations Kyoto Protocol, intended to reduce these gases, purposefully exempted China, India, and all undeveloped nations. Its limits are, by definition, meaningless.

The Waxman-Markey bill will, by 2035, reduce the aggregate domestic product (GDP) by an estimated $7.4 trillion. Our present annual GDP is about $14 trillion. It is estimated to destroy 844,000 jobs on average with peak years seeing unemployment rise by over 1,900,000 jobs. It will raise electricity rates 90% after adjusting for inflation. Prices for gasoline and natural gas will rise by 74% and 55% respectively.

This bill will impoverish Americans and destroy the nation.

Out of 307 million Americans, I seriously doubt that more than a relative handful know what Cap-and-Trade means or that it is even being debated, but they, their children, and their grandchildren will, by the actions of this Congress, live in a very different, very costly America.

The Democrats in Congress and the present occupant of the White House, by their actions, must hate America. They pose the greatest threat to its future that has ever existed in our history.

Call, write, fax, and email your representatives in Congress. Let them know you will not stand by idly as they destroy America.


Longstreet said...

With a Congress, such as we have in America today, Lord knows, we need NO ENEMIES! They are stumbling over themselves to see how quickly they can destroy this nation!

Best regards, Alan!


libhom said...

It's so unfair of people to expect rightists like you to accept the fact of human made Global Warming. It's as scary for you as the fact that the world is round.

Alan Caruba said...

You are free to believe the fairy tale of "human made Global Warming" but the SCIENCE simply isn't with you.

Like I said, the world is COOLING, not warming. Get used to it.

Unknown said...

Libhom, you're an idiot. 200 years of humans producing CO2 isn't going to affect a 4.5 BILLION year old planet. It's like saying pissing in the ocean will raise its temperature. Funny thing though, 500 million years ago (before human industry) CO2 levels were 20 times higher than today.

Guy said...

Science, Schmience ....

Nothing that this administration is doing is based on science's all based on fear. The people who are falling for this crap are the products of our miserable educational system today, and until we fix that, we're doomed to more of this nonsense. When I went to school, we were taught to think for ourselves. We were told to look at the facts, develop a hypothesis, experiment and reach our own conclusions. These enviro-idiots have accepted the entire global warming theory hook line and sinker, without applying the first shred of common sense to the problem. Even if it were true, is TAXING us the solution? I think not. Don't they ever even think to question why their government's solution to everything is taxing us? Even a total idiot should be able to see through that.... But, thanks again Alan for giving us a little taste of the lefty's mentality. It's always good for a laugh!

Anonymous said...

To put things into perspective on the AGW bogeyman I once read it put like this:

"The atmospheric, so-called greenhouse effect is a flea on the back of an oceanic elephant
and the influence of CO2 but a microbe on the back of the flea
and the influence of anthropogenic CO2 but a molecule on the back of the microbe".

Another comparison is to take 9,999 sulphor stink bombs - you then add a rose-scented one ot make up to 10,000 in total. Do you really think that that one rose-cented bomb - 1 in 10,000 is going to have any influence at all on the smell?

There is no doubt that authority is consistantly and deliberately posting the wrong message to the public.

The other day I was reading the obituary in the London Telegraph of Dr Jack Eddy, he of Maunder Minimum fame - The person writing the obituary insisted the veracity of CO2 'polluion' and AGW at so many points, insisting that Dr Eddy could not have known these facts, that I felt Dr Eddy would have been insulted.

Keep up the pressure, Alan, and Mr Libhom may extend his education.

Unknown said...

My minds made up... Don't confuse me with the facts
It's insane to see how these people always use "rightist" or try to bully you down or just outright name call, when their new religion {global warming) is being questioned.
Here is some statements from the scientific community.
The Japanese prime minister of science and technology said at the global warming conference In Brussels, "Everybody knows man-made global warming doesn't exist but it doesn't pay to say so."

* "I am a skeptic ... . Global warming has become a new religion." -- Nobel Prize Winner for Physics, Ivar Giaever.

Warming fears are the "worst scientific scandal in the history ... . When people come to know what the truth is, they will feel deceived by science and scientists." -- U.N. IPCC Japanese Scientist Dr. Kiminori Itoh, an award-winning Ph.D. environmental physical chemist.

"For how many years must the planet cool before we begin to understand that the planet is not warming? For how many years must cooling go on?" -- Geologist Dr. David Gee, the chairman of the science committee of the 2008 International Geological Congress who has authored 130 plus peer-reviewed papers, and is currently at Uppsala University in Sweden.

"Creating an ideology pegged to carbon dioxide is a dangerous nonsense ... . The present alarm on climate change is an instrument of social control, a pretext for major businesses and political battle. It became an ideology, which is concerning." -- Environmental Scientist Professor Delgado Domingos of Portugal, the founder of the Numerical Weather Forecast group, has more than 150 published articles.
Domingo's Interview
Follow the money trail..where it leads.When people use a "fear" tactic, this should always leave a question in one's mind.
I would sound out every politician, (the first occupation of any politician is a professional liar) who become an advocate of a so called scientific cause and is no way qualified to do so.
Ancient Prophecy
For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather round them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.

Michael Fitzpatrick said...

Mr. Caruba,
I enjoy your articles and look forward to them. May I inquire the source or sources of the information regarding the potential costs to American industry and the taxpayer regarding cap and trade legislation? I want to substantiate to my daughter what the hoax of Global Warming is going to cost her generation.
Thank you and keep getting the word out!!!!
Mike Fitzpatrick

Alan Caruba said...

Mike, the major source of data was from the Heritage Foundation. I believe most of it is still available on its site.

Another good source is The Heartland Institute.

Michael Fitzpatrick said...

Thanks for the info!!

Mike Fitzpatrick

Anonymous said...

There are any number of great videos of REAL climate scientists who debunk the nonsense of Anthropogenic (human caused) Global Warming. Bob Carter is one. If you watch all 4 parts, you'll get a good intro to what the IPPCC, and the EPA don't want you to know.