Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shootout at DC Holocaust Museum

By Alan Caruba

Our prayers are with the family of the slain security guard killed today at the National Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Anti-Semitism killed six million of Europe's Jews in the last century. The same Nazi criminals killed five million Christians and others designated "enemies of the state."

Anti-Semitism is the refuge of despotism. Its victims cry out from their graves for justice still today and must be heard because they speak for all humanity.
Never forget!


Anonymous said...

A terrible murder by a terrible,misguided man.

What is it with these so-called 'white suprematists'? Don't they know we are all of the same original seed, that we all climbed down the same tree; and made the long, diverse trek out of Africa together?
That we are all children of this earth and do not seek out violence, but rather acceptance of each other.

During my life living and working all over the world I have never once come across any 'Black Suprematists' nor anyone supporting such an attitude, but have experienced their acceptance of me and felt my acceptance of them - all nationalities of my experiance. I do know that most peoples respond to a smile and kindness and that this devisive anochronism of colour is a wrong path that must ultimately fade away.

I have a mixed family and rejoice in the joy and beauty that goes with it.

Must we conclude then, that, religion aside, this 'suprematist' hallucination is a whites' only thing?

Sailingbum said...

Mr. Smale,

Please Google the terms "black supremacy"..
It may be enlightening..

Rich Kozlovich said...

Group supremacy has been part of the human condition all through human history and isn't exclusive to one group. Our tribe is better than your tribe....our team is better than you team....our family is better than your family. See...part of the human condition.