Friday, October 8, 2010

How Crazy Is It?

By Alan Caruba

How crazy is it to keep telling people the economy is recovering when everyone knows the “stimulus” was a complete flop and unemployment is up?

How crazy is it to keep wanting to spend more billions on “stimulus”?

How crazy is it to let the Bush tax cuts expire when every economist in America is telling you to extend or make them permanent?

How crazy is it for the federal government to sue Arizona for passing a law that directly mirrors a federal one intended to enforce the prohibition against illegal aliens?

How crazy is it to help fund a deepwater oil drilling operation off the coast of Brazil while refusing to allow it anywhere off the East and West coasts of America?

How crazy is it to refuse to open a tiny portion of the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge to drilling for oil at a time when we are importing sixty percent of oil from foreign producers?

How crazy is it to “reform” Medicare by adding thousands more to its rolls while telling everyone you were cutting its costs?

How crazy is it to pass Obamacare without telling people that many would lose their insurance while others would see their premiums increase?

How crazy is it to require utilities to purchase electricity from wind and solar farms when neither could exist without taxpayer subsidies, nor produces a steady supply?

How crazy is it to try to stop the building of coal-fired plants to generate electricity when the United States is the “Saudi Arabia of coal”, having hundreds of years’ supply?

How crazy is it to continue the moratorium on U.S. oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico, throwing more people out of work, denying the oil to the marketplace, and yet give money to Mexico so it can drill in the same Gulf?

How crazy is it to try to close Guantanamo when no U.S. state prison system and no foreign nation want to take the detainees? When one third or more of those previously released returned to the battlefield?

How crazy is it to continue blaming G.W. Bush for everything when you’ve spent more time on the golf course in a year and a half than he did during eight years in office?

How crazy is it to give a speech on the war in Afghanistan at West Point and announce when the U.S. will be leaving?

How crazy is it for the federal government to ban the incandescent light bulb?

I could ask this generic question many times regarding the Obama administration and some previous congressional actions, but they add up to something less than “crazy” and more like a plan to harm the nation and all Americans when it comes to energy, healthcare, and national security.

Some may say this notion is just plain crazy, but it may be closer to the truth than anyone wants to admit.

© Alan Caruba, 2010


Pitch said...

Okay Alan:
Let's assume for the moment that you are not crazy and in fact that you are 100% correct in your beliefs and assumptions and if the whole truth were known, you have barely scratched the surface of the long list of incalculable treacherous tyranny that has been perpetuated over the past century to gradually destroy America from within; with our latest disgrace in the Oval Office finally coming out of the closet with blatant and open disdain and arrogant warfare against the final threads of the fabric of our American society.
My question to you is very simple Alan; what do you purpose can be done to stop this deadly cancerous lesion that has spread from sea to shining sea?
How bout a very detailed and positive plan with no more blogs about how bad things are...lets hear your take on a positive fix Alan...
Thanks in advance...

Alan Caruba said...

@Pitch: Glad you asked. I recommend you pick up a copy of Ronald R. Polina's new book, "Selling Out a Superpower: WHere the US Economy Went Wrong and How We Can Turn It Around."
($26.00, Prometheus Books)

Rachel Pohli said...

You're absolutely right on here, Alan, especially about the last part. I've felt from early on that this administration was not just crazy, but insidiously trying to purposefully destroy the America that we know & have known since its inception. And I'm no rabid conspiracy theorist, but I can't think of one thing he's done in all his time in office that has actually helped this country in any way. Can you?

Ronbo said...


Indeed, it's not insane!

It's the PLAN in action.


And so far the majority agree with me.

Anonymous said...

I love it when you list things like you did in this article because it's perfect to pass on to my email list. Most are well informed and none of this would be surprising to them but some either aren't interested (not acceptable) or are on the other side for some unknown reason.I've passed on many of your articles (in full I might add)and I hope some on my email list have decided to come here and read your article for themselves.
Thanks for another good one to pass along.

Alan Caruba said...

@Cabby. Thank you! I am delighted that you share my writings.

The Old Man said...

Quoted and linked. Nice job, Alan. Pretty much check you daily for your latest views....

Alan Caruba said...

Thanks, Old Man. Are you a "follower" yet? I am shooting for 500 and only a few away these days.

LarryOldtimer said...

The situation we Americans are in, which is most dire, can't be "fixed" by applying a series of small changes. Huge amounts of previously passed Congressional legislation would have to be de-legislated to correct our problems, and I see no political group willing to even say that, for fear that they would be called "reactionaries".

Large scale war has been throughout history the last refuge of failed political systems, so why would I anticipate anything other than that this time around?

Both houses of Congress have become cesspits of corruption, with our so-called "representatives" looking out for only themselves and their cronies.

I can only hope that I am wrong, and that there will not be another bloody revolution (since it has been a rare event in history when a revolution actually caused things to improve for ordinary citizens).

Some seem to think that we are immune in the US to this sort of thing, as we have democratically elected representatives. Tell that to the Germans of the early 1930s.

The concept of communism always promises much, but in the end always enslaves the people who adopt it. Nonetheless, it always sounds good to the masses.

Anonymous said...

Alan is right on!
If you will read at the below sites you should be able to connect some dots & see almost a mirror image of what was happening in the 30's to what is happening today. You do have to think about what is written. Herr Goebbels is a master of propaganda!
Every time I read this, I see another relationship

This only educates you to the point of the real problem and Beck touches on this subject.
My comment to others to the above:
Well folks! I'm sorry to say, what Glenn is talking about is true. I too have been reading, compiling information for future reference and connecting the dots. Those who have chosen to conquer the mass majority of humans in the world are going to win. This small group has a plan which has been in place for over 100years -see end note-and they continue to nibble away, very subtly, at what we have built in this country over the years. Over the past two years, they have been accelerating their plan. We, the mass majority of Americans have not had a plan, neither have we been organized, nor do we have a leader. Are we going to rise up and revolt, I doubt that very much. Therefore, just what are we going to do?
For the non-thinkers, you can now go back to your texting and make sure you check out your favorite fantasy game.

end note, It is irrelevant if something happens today or tomorrow, or even years in the future – Joseph Goebbels

Anonymous said...

Alan you say, How Crazy, on 10/8 and too many, it is crazy but, it is not crazy to the leaders in this administration. The administration is only echoing those who have a worldview how things are to be done. See my reply on 10/10