Thursday, July 7, 2011

800,000 and Counting!

This week Warning Signs, begun in 2007, passed more than 800,000 individual page views and, at the rate we're going, will likely pass the one million mark by the end of the year. It has benefitted from the fact that the daily commentaries are also posted on,. RenewAmerica,, and a host of other news and opinion websites and blogs. That said, our success thus far has been largely word-of-mouth because literally no effort is made to promote the blog beyond the merit of its posts.

My thanks to all who visit and come back regularly. And, of course, especially to those who have shown their support through donations. They really do make a difference and underwrite the usual computer-related costs.

So, now, upwards and onwards!

-- Alan Caruba


denimflyz said...

Dear Mr Caruba,
I am a new reader of your blog and throughly enjoy your open and truthful writing and blogging about the nation's very serious position that it is in.
I will mention that I am very frightened of the nation's problems, and am trying to be more informed of things going on, and it helps when I have journalists like you who write and bring things into the light.
I would like to ask a question and I hope that I do not get into trouble asking it: Why has Obama not been brought to the table and impeached? He has done things that are totally against the Constitution, and our rights. He has done things that should of been brought to the attention of Congress? Why?
My Grandfather died for this country in France during WWII, he survived the Normandy invasion on Omaha beach, I have had several males in my family who gave their all for the cause in WWII and Korea, and now this country is in the loo and the hand is on the flush handle.
Thank you for your blog.

Wendell Malone said...

Congrats & keep em coming!

Anonymous said...

Kick names and take... Uh.. Wait...

Keep on hammering Alan, you are not only great, you have taught me a lot of good ways to make a post that isn't totally offensive!

You are the master and I stand in AWE!!

croeiii said...

Congrats Alan! I check your blog almost every day so I'll be watching for that 1 MM mark. Keep up the great work.

Alan Caruba said...

@Denimflyz: Since the Democrats control the Senate, there is no chance of impeachment, but we are not that far from the Nov 2012 elections and can rid the nation of this usurper then.

@TexasFred: Go ahead and be offensive! Someone has to be! :-)

@All. Thank you for your kind thoughts and support.

Dave's Daily Day Dream said...

Keep up the good work. That said, get back to work. Enough for a cheap buzz on the way.

Ronbo said...


If you keep this up, Obama will order the FCC to delete your blog!

First they ignore you.

Then they make fun of you.

Next they try to destroy you.

Finally you win!

Unknown said...

Dear Mr. Caruba,
I "found" your blog approximately 7 months ago and have followed it ever since! Yes, "truth" does make a world of difference and thank you for many tremendous articles on issues concerning all of us.

Congratulations! A job well done deserves recognition. :)

Alan Caruba said...

Thanks Bee!
Have you signed on as a follower?

Bob Mack said...

Congrats, sir. I enjoy your writing, especially since I seem to agree with all of it!

Ronbo said...


I became a Follower of yours months ago along with some blogger buddies I send your way.

Today I have cancelled my Rush Limbaugh subscription and I will send you monthly what I was sending him.

I have encouraged my friends to do so as well.

After all, even $1.00 a month from one fan adds up to $100,000 from 100,000 and 800,000 at one little dollar per fan a month means...well anyone can do the math.

My motive in saying the above is that I believe you are one of the intellectual leaders, maybe even the New Tom Paine, of the Second American Revolution who should be supported by Patriots as a man who puts into good honest English what we are all thinking about current human events.

Alan Caruba said...

@Ronbo: Thank you and your support is greatly appreciated. A lot of folks visit the blog and, as you say, if they sent just $5 or $10 monthly, it would be very helpful.

Alan C.