Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Message for our New Members and a Special Donor

It's a good time to pause and welcome our most recent new members.
Warning Signs is now approaching 1,260,000 page views since its inception and the pace is increasing on a daily basis.

And to a special donor, for his generous support of Warning Signs, a very special Thank You!

Despite the claims that I am being bankrolled by Exxon or receiving grants from Big Corporations, the truth is that my own earnings have been and are the primary financial support for the blog. That said, I am pleased to also report that a steady flow of donations has also made it possible to maintain the blog. Many of the donors have returned to help again.

If it looks easy to produce a daily commentary (except for Saturdays when I enjoy posting the week's best cartoons from the Net) it is largely due to more than 50 years as, first, a working journalist and, second, a long career providing editorial/pr services to a wide range of clients, all of whom made me proud.

My readers and donors make me proud, too!

My motivation, frankly, is the daily torrent of lies I read and hear from the mainstream press, environmental and special interest organizations who deliberately create fear campaigns and disseminate lies to advance their agendas.

My motivation is to do what I can to help preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and the United States of America. I swore an oath to do that long ago.

Alan Caruba


Ronbo said...


Bless your hear heart for being a loyal American!

Lime Lite said...

Congrats Alan!