Sunday, February 22, 2015

Have You Made a Donation to "Warning Signs"?

Asking for donations is part of life as a blogger because there are real expenses involved, even if you do not count the time required to research and write a serious commentary on a serious topic.

“Warning Signs” has a real following and the commentaries posted here are also posted on a large number of news and opinion sites, so they reach a significant audience of readers. That does not, however, help pay the bills whether it is just office supplies and equipment or the costs of maintaining and protecting the computer.

So one has to ask for donations and, in my case, I know there are many of you who visit daily. I am pleased by that, but many of you do not make even one donation a year. Others are more supportive. You know who you are and I thank you.
If you haven’t made a donation, please do so. Become a part of the process that provides you the commentaries you have come to value. Now put a dollar sign on them. Thanks.

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