Monday, October 15, 2007

Because They Told Me So

By Alan Caruba

Perhaps you have noticed that the mainstream print and broadcast media have decided that Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat nominee and the next President of the United States. If you read otherwise, it’s because some reporter or pundit has not yet gotten the message.

We are informed that Hillary has a huge bankroll for her campaign and she does. We are -told her poll numbers are favorable and they are. Her campaign “team”, we’re told, is composed of the best in the business and that’s probably true too.

So it almost seems tiresome to have to wait around to anoint—elect her the first woman President.

But there are Republicans seeking the nomination of their party and one of them will run against her, I hear you say. You still don’t get it, do you? The mainstream media (MSM) have decided—now—who the winner will be so the GOP candidate is of no importance.

Some may say, the same MSM backed John Kerry against Bush the last time and Al Gore against Bush the time before. True, they also lined up to support McGovern, Dukakis, and Carter who succeeded to office based upon the misdeeds of Richard M. Nixon. And then for eight years they derided Ronald Reagan as a doddering old fool until George Walker Herbert Bush was elected, also derided, followed by that paragon of morals and progressive politics, William Blythe Clinton.

If you were born in 1989, you have never known a President who was not named either Bush or Clinton.

This nation, however, was born out of the tumult of colonists who despised the English monarchy and wanted to establish a new form of government that would put an end forever to hereditary rule.

We have come full circle to an era in which two families have traded the presidency back and forth for 18 years at this point. That’s obscene.

What’s worse, the actual politics of the nation, drawing on the template created during the years when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in office (1933-1945) has not just remained, but has metastasized into a huge central government with entitlement programs that are currently going broke. Whole generations have never known what it is to live without Social Security, Medicare, and a raft of government programs to fund just about any and every activity, from attending college, to starting a small business, to home ownership, ad infinitum.

Hillary Clinton is offering more such programs. The Democrats in Congress are in a snit because a health insurance program for children was vetoed. If you love federal spending now, you will love it when the White House and Congress are turned over to the Democrats.

And that, thanks to the worshipful coverage of the MSM, is what is likely to happen. If Hillary Clinton is elected to a second term, it will be 2017 before the office becomes open again. By then, Chelsea Clinton will have been groomed to take over. Or maybe one of the Bush twins?

Does it matter anymore? Americans are living in a quasi-monarchical era, disinterested in anything other than the arrival of the next government check in the mail.

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