Monday, October 8, 2007

Where are the Hurricanes?

Where are all the hurricanes that "global warming" is supposed to create? So far this year none have made landfall anywhere in the United States though two did churn up the Gulf of Mexico and crossed into that nation. It is October already and the hurricane season will end on November 30 so maybe we've just gotten "lucky" or maybe the "global warming" connection is as spurious as meteorologists say it is?

As this is written, the weather in the tri-state area is an astounding 80 degrees or so. Admittedly unusual for October, but that's the thing about the weather, except in the most general terms, it is impossible to predict short term or long.

By all known factors, the United States should be into at least a decade of serious hurricane activity, but except for Katrina and Ruby in 2005, the East Coast and Gulf area has been mostly spared. Will, like 2006, this year go into the books as defying the experts and prognosticators?

Let's hope so!

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