Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Really Good Quote

"The fact that we have so many of our citizens in jail says nothing derogatory about our system of government. It DOES say a lot about how our family structure, our educational system, and our religious community, has failed and failed miserably."

This is from a post at Insight on Freedom by a cyber-friend of mine whose blog I heartily recommend.

This is what divides conservatives from liberals. Conservatives know the system is broken and want to fix it by calling on people to obey the law, get a job, make sure their children receive a good education, and mind their own business. Conservatives don't mind putting miscreants and criminals in jail. Liberals keep insisting that law-breakers are merely the "victims" of society, blaming everyone but the drug dealers, drug users, thieves, rapists, and murders.

Liberals keep turning their face toward government at every level to "fix" society's problems. And while they do that, they are busy removing the Ten Commandments from anywhere someone might actually read them.

In 1992, Bill Clinton was elected President. By 1994, the voters had installed a Republican Congress after a succession of idiotic ideas from "Don't Ask. Don't Tell" to the HillaryCare takeover of the nation's health industry were rejected.

In a decade that saw the first bombing of the Twin Towers, Clinton set about closing military bases and signing the gun-control "Brady Bill." Reelected, Clinton's second term was a huge mess thanks to his immoral behavior with a White House intern about the same age as his daughter. Impeachment failed even though he lied to federal judges and everyone else in the room, including the whole nation.

And all the while the national sense of propriety and moral behavior was under attack in ways that included the presidency. It had begun in the 1960s and it has continued ever since. Little wonder we are filling our jails to such an extent there's no room for the millions of illegal immigrants who flout our borders and our laws.


Longstreet said...

Feels strange to see a quote like that! I must admit, however, it also feels good!


You know, it was as if these two posts were two halves of a single article.

'ppreciate the plug!

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Alan Caruba said...

You're very welcome Longstreet.

Quoting smart people makes me look smart, too! ;-)