Friday, October 19, 2007

Eating Meat

By Alan Caruba

I am having a beautiful, thick steak tonight. I love meat.

It got me thinking, however, of the thousands, if not millions of studies and articles that have been published that associate meat with various cancers and a quick Google tour will impress you with the fact that there is virtually an anti-meat industry out there, forever churning out more studies about and against meat.

When you actually read what many have to say, what you discover that various things found in meat "are suspected" of having a link to colorectal, breast or prostrate cancers and that people who eat meat "may be particularly exposed."

I suspect I could commission a similar study on chocolate or asparagus and the study would find the same connections.

I also suspect that, in some families, there is a long history of genetically predesposed people who, while eating meat, fish, pork, vegetables, or the bark off of trees all encountered some kind of cancer.

Where you live, what kind of work you do, and a whole range of other factors likely play a role in whether you encounter some kind of cancer during your lifetime.

The particular animus toward meat, however, seems to take a lot of its motivation from the efforts of vegetarian groups who devote a great deal of time to advocating a vegan diet.

All this ignores the fact that humans are physically designed to eat meat, from our teeth to our digestive system, our bodies function as meat-eating machines. Red meat provides high quantities of iron as opposed to plant foods. There's phosphorus, too, and B12.

So we need to relax a bit when it comes to the torrent of anti-meat propaganda that the mainstream media loves to slap on the front page. It sells newspapers. It keeps people watching the TV or listening to the radio.

And a lot of it may be quite dubious, have a hidden agenda, and well worth ignoring.

Rates of cancer, virtually all kinds, have been falling for decades now. That's the good news.


Right Truth said...

Nice article and blog. I've added you to the Right Truth blogroll. Best of luck.

Right Truth

TexasFred said...

Alan, I have seen your work at INSIGHT before, I like what I see, if you'd like to be listed on any of my blog rolls, see this link: Blog Roll America - Home and set the ones you like, just let me know you did and which ones so I can list you, the top batch is mine, the bottom batch belongs to various friends of mine but all have email addresses to the blog owners, I can guarantee that you'll gain at least 350 extra blogs that are exposing others to your URL and thus your work, just let me know, and even if you don't want to be on the rolls, keep up the great work and best of luck...


Alan Caruba said...

Thank you, friends! Consider yourself part of my blog family!

Wild Phil said...

Hi Alan,

You have a nice blog and this is a great article, I have for the heck of it done a bit of voluntary experiments on this myself and you are right that this is done by many of the far Leftists and the PETA organization. Needless to say it has absolutely no bases on any facts it is nothing more than their own agenda at work and that is all it is.

I put myself through their kind of diet for a period of time to experiment on the effects of it to see what would happen. I had found my self getting very sick and catching colds and what not from not getting the proper nutritional requirements. So from that I can absolutely guarantee that there is no bases of facts in their claims.

Actually a diet for the Human Body is supposed to be a combination of many things just like they have always said in the past about the proper balance of the 4 major food groups to stay healthy.

Alan Caruba said...

Thank you, Wild Phil. Glad your back to eating meat and feeling better!