Monday, October 22, 2007

It's Hot in California

By Alan Caruba

It's probably just a matter of a day, maybe less, before we begin to hear that the wild fires consuming Malibu and a large swath of California are the result of "global warming."

These days everything is the result of "global warming." Ice melting somewhere? Global warming. Hurricanes? Global warming. Blizzards? Global warming. Wild fires? Global warming.

There was actually a time in U.S. history when people understood that various parts of the nation would encounter drought or floods or other elements of nature at work without attributing it to a single cause. Least of all, you wouldn't near them say, "Well, it's the work of too much carbon dioxide contributing to greenhouse gas emissions."

That kind of pseudo-science mumbo-jumbo works great with people too ignorant to think for themselves, but for a growing number of Americans and others around the world, the day-in and day-out drumbeat of "global warming" is wearing thin.

As well it should. It is a complete hoax. The earth is not experiencing any kind of massive, higher than average (if there is even anything approximately an average) temperature. The warming that has occurred since around 1850 is the natural response to a previous mini-ice age that began in 1300. The earth has warmed about one degree or maybe a shade less.

As the fires in California rage on, we are guaranteed to hear that "global warming" is the cause. The real cause is mostly likely the same horrendously bad forest management practices that have been in place ever since the environmentalists--Greens--began insisting that no tree be cut down for any reason. That would disturb "pristine" nature.

Yes, it would and it would also create perfect conditions for catastrophic wild fires because forests, as any timber professional will tell you, must have diseased and dying trees removed to make room for new, healthy ones. Opening up forests through careful harvesting of trees also contributes to the health of the forest.

Living in a world where everything is the result of "global warming" is like living in an insane asylum where you are the only sane one in the midst of brainwashed and brain-dead people who keep babbling about "global warming" all the time.

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