Saturday, October 20, 2007

Linking Up for the Common Good

By Alan Caruba

I'm pleased to welcome "Right Truth", "Texas Fred" and "Stop the ACLU" to our list of favorite sites. As bloggers who share common views and values link with one another and afford visitors to our sites to check out others, the world of ideas expands like the galaxy.

It was shared ideas that moved the colonists to break with the most powerful empire of its time, Great Britain, and after a period in which the founding fathers discovered the Articles of Confederation were not going to work, it was the Federalist Papers that disseminated the ideas behind the new Constitution and convinced the States to yield power to a federal authority of surprising complexity.

Those of us on the Right still put our faith in that Constitution and understand that the United States is the only power that stands between a return to a time in which the will of a few determined the policies of nations and a world moving toward greater democracy and power sharing with the governed. We are still a very long way from that world.

A billion Chinese have little say in the policies of that nation. A billion citizens of India have kept democracy going there against great odds. A billion Muslims are being forced to decide between tolerance and peace, and the ancient mission of Islam to dominate the world. A whole continent of South America is wavering back and forth between the pull of communism/socialism and free market capitalism. The experiment of the Eureopean Union is finding growing resistance as people are urged to forego their national histories, their culture, to see themselves solely as Europeans.

And here in the United States, powerful and influential forces are trying to tear down our borders and merge the nation with Mexico to the south and Canada to the north in a North American Union. That effort must be thwarted and ended because it is driven by greed, not the welfare of the people affected and because our national sovereignty must be protected.

So it behooves as all who share common views and hopes to "link up" in a great community of ideas and to advance those ideas for the common good.


TheBitterAmerican said...

Hello. Longstreet said to drop by. Having a look around the place. Looks good from my POV.

Alan Caruba said...

Thank you. You're welcome to visit as often as you want. You will enjoy my site for The National Anxiety Center. ( as well.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

It's a sad state when you don't allow comments in your own blog that disagree with - nay, prove fatal flaws in - your reasoning. Your behavior is in conflict with the values of open discussion that our democracy is based on, which you supposedly uphold. I admit that you have no commitment or duty to allow civil postings that disagree with your point of view, but by deleting them you are quite clearly indicating that you cannot marshal adequate contrary arguments and that the propaganda value of your blog is more important to you than the values it espouses.

Alan Caruba said...

Let's understand something. It's MY blog, not yours. If you want to express your opinion, no one is stopping you. Get your OWN blog. But bloviating on mine is not your automatic perogative. Your comments will be deleted in the future.