Tuesday, October 9, 2007

It's My 70th Birthday Today

By Alan Caruba

A visit to The National Anxiety Center today will include my commentary “On Turning 70” wherein I share a few thoughts on hitting an age that I formerly thought of as “ancient.” Now I think that “old” is more like 85.

In fact, both my parents lived into the 90s, so I can authoritatively say that 85 is about the time that folks who make it to that age do show the signs we associate with being “old.” Today, if one enjoys good health, 70 can be experienced in much the same way as 50 or 60. Everyone, of course, brings their own emotional baggage to each new year and, if you are somewhat introspective, it is possible to rid oneself of the bad stuff and focus on the good.

I thought I might “splurge” a bit today, but I woke thinking I was fortunate to enjoy a circle of good friends and family, so the need to do anything special seems superfluous. Indeed, one of those friends called at 8AM to begin a day of calls, emails, and cards that is probably the greatest reward and the most fun.

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