Friday, May 1, 2009

Obama's Big Lies and Small

By Alan Caruba

Watching President Obama’s third prime time press conference in three months, I found myself wondering how the White House press corps had been reduced to a bunch of bit players in the great drama of Barack Hussein Obama. They are absolutely in love and enthralled.

He, of course, knew exactly who he was going to call on so it hardly mattered that the other reporters even showed up. They were just part of the scenery. Those who were called upon did not ask anything that evoked anything more than his typical long response designed, I suspect, to bore everyone to the point where the original question was forgotten. There were no follow-up questions. The New York Times reporter was pathetic, an embarrassment to the profession of journalism.

Notably, this third press conference attracted far fewer viewers than numbers one and two. After the first hundred days of White House orchestrated massive media exposure, people have experienced Too Much Obama.

All this, however, probably wouldn’t matter were not for the fact that the President of the United States is telling some very big lies and not being called on them. From my personal perspective, Obama seems to lie about everything all the time. On the campaign trail a certain amount of hyperbole is expected, but when the liar is the President, it becomes a serious matter.

In remarks in Arnold, Missouri on April 30, released by the White House Press Office, the President said, “The average person problem thinks, yes, climate change, that’s kind of a drag, but it’s not one of my top priorities—because you don’t really see it or feel it, it doesn’t hit your pocketbook, it doesn’t have to do with your job directly. And so the tendency is just to kind of push it off. People think, well, this just has to do with polar bears, and I feel bad about polar bears, but I’ve got other things to worry about.”

For the record, the polar bear population is just fine and has been expanding for decades since the 1950s.

“I don’t think people fully appreciate the potential damage—economic damage, as well as environmental damage—that could be done if we are not serious in dealing with this problem,” said Obama. “If the temperature goes up a couple of degrees, well, it will change weather patterns pretty significantly. It could create droughts in places where we haven’t had drought; it could bring insect-born diseases up into places like Missouri that we haven’t seen before.”

Obama went to say, “You’re now looking at huge, cataclysmic hurricanes, complete changes in weather patterns. Some places will get hotter, some places will get colder. Our economy would be disrupted by tens of trillions of dollars. So this is no joke. And the science shows that the planet is getting warmer faster than people expected.”

Just about everything Obama said is a flat-out lie. It begins with the biggest lie of all; that human beings have any control or influence over the weather. When I say weather, I mean what is happening outside right now. When I say climate, I am talking about trends that involve hundreds of years.

To claim that the Earth “is getting warmer faster than people expected” is a more specific lie. The Earth has been in a cooling cycle for a decade. No doubt the President will, at some point, say he received poor information, but the truth is he knows full well that “global warming” is the vast hoax that underpins the justification for his administration to impose a punishing, needless tax on all energy use via the “cap and trade” legislation making its way through Congress. It is a so-called “carbon tax” and it will do more harm to the nation’s economy than anything anyone can imagine.

Earth to Obama! All the recent polls regarding “global warming” demonstrate that most Americans know it is a pile of crap. A Zogby survey found that only 30% support “cap-and-trade” of emissions, while 57% oppose it and 13% were not sure. In February, a Rasmussen telephone survey revealed that 54% of U.S. voters said the news media “make global warming appear worse than it really is. Only 21% say the media present an accurate picture.”

So the President is lying about something most Americans distrust and don’t believe. Meanwhile, the lapdog media continues to report “global warming” despite the fact that more than half the voters have concluded they are just hyping it. And that’s exactly what they and the President are doing.

A voter backlash is coming, but those living in the D.C. bubble and drinking deeply of the Potomac waters have no clue.


Brian G Valentine said...

The only response I can think of right now involve strings of epithets involving four-letter words,

just as his Commie pals do when they refer to the United States of America.

So I think I'll refrain.

Alan Caruba said...

Bless you, Brian. We count on your self-restraint around here.

Anyway, I think I said it a bit more elegantly!

What a scary dude...his actions regarding the Chrysler bankruptcy must have all of Wall Street and the entire US business community fearful of his next moves.

And, yes, he is a Commie.

Travis sez said...

Most people think it's just exaggeration when Obama begins bloviating, and as Al Gore once said, sometimes hyperbole is forgivable and even necessary if it's done for a good cause. But Alan's distinction is a good one. We're not in a campaign anymore and now it's just plain lying. None of us can know whether he makes this stuff up as he proceeds or is just saying whatever appears on the teleprompter.

Anonymous said...

It really seems as though Obama has the country by a ring in its nose, leading the majority to his own 'land of bilk and money'.
It is the political par for the course, today, certainly in America and absolutely in the UK.
The US has still a long way to go before the putrifying stink of rank corruption and abject lying pervades the halls of power, to the very pinnacle, as it is in the UK.
In fact, Blair out-lied every other PM before him but he has met his match in Brown.
At least I know that in the country I now reside everyone knows that 'everyone else is at it, too'.
You said it right when you expressed how the Fourth Estate prostrates itself in obeisance before this new breed of super-liars; there are no serious, pointed questions, after all if questions became too difficult the serious journalist would loose access to the next Obama Show.
One day soon the majority will see the emperor with no clothes and say as much. This is happening in the UK and come next year in the General Election Brown will be railroaded out of town, well deserved like the failure he is.
What is becoming alarming is that politicians are assuming the mantle of Fifth Columnists towards their own countries - their actions, together with their contiguous cohorts, are diametrically opposed to everyman's suppositions of what they promised.
The politician's 'street cred.' is now well below that of the much maligned second-hand-car salesman in most people's mind and will reamin so until 'they' are seen to climb the greasy pole to verity.
Something else for which I shall not hold my breath.

Alan Caruba said...

These is no question that the nation that gave us the Magna Carta is in serious trouble politically. Even the Tories (conservatives) sound like their counterparts, Labour.

Meahwhile, the ordinary citizens has virtually no right of privacy and is being taxed beyond belief.

Brian G Valentine said...

Tony Blair was at least good enough to help US in Iraq, despite the objections and the ranting from the pinkos in his Parliament.

Then to try to "redeem" himself somehow, Blair fashioned himself into a green clone of that witless, worthless sop, The Prince.

Blair now spends his days drinking Daiquries with the imbecile Sir Richard, and Gordon Brown turned out to be the biggest disaster England has seen outside of the Royal Family.

I feel bad for them but I've gotta look out for the USA first.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, Alan. Notice that when left/right-of-centre parties, anywhere, start to implode, become innefective, and are caught with sticky fingers public opinion drifts to extreme parties that promise what they expected the centralist parties to deliver - but they lied!
I think we need to look-out for everyone and each other because politics are also going global and once the UN's Sus.Dev. gets a real grip, as it is in Australia right now(Queensland in particular where Common Law has been ditched to enable State acquisition of property)the lying will intensify.