Friday, February 11, 2011

A Prediction for Egypt

In ten years--or less--Egyptians will look back at the Mubarak regime as "the good old days."

Only the military can save Egypt from becoming the next Iran.


LarryOldtimer said...

I completely agree, Alan.

From press releases, the Egyptian Armed Forces Supreme Council now is in complete control.

This won't solve any underlying problems, those of abject poverty coupled with rapidly increasing food prices, which are driving the huge civilian unrest in the entire Mideast and African regions.

Americans and others have been brainwashed with the concept that democracy and democracy alone is the end all for solving all problems. There is nothing so democratic in action as a lynch mob, by the way.

The POTUS is getting information on what is transpiring in Egypt by watching television.

RightingOurConsent said...

Our media is practically breaking their necks trying to portray Obama as a great and competent leader who has facilitated this upheaval of great significance as a positive. Adding negatives to uncertainty is not a formula for success, but rather increased instability. Power vacuums are always filled, and this vacuum cannot possibly be filled with a free system of government in a land where they have always been ruled and never been given the reins of power. I believe your prediction, and all the ramifications we fear most, will come to pass.
Within a short period of time the media will have the same access they enjoy in Iran, and they will find a convenient scapegoat for the deterioration of this all too predictable situation of a stable functioning country with big problems becoming an unstable, non functioning country with even bigger problems, who have become a new threat to their neighbors.

Guy in Ohio said...

Watching these protesters destabilizing their own country and inciting violence to effect change, three old sayings come to mind ....

The grass is always greener on the other side ...

Don't jump from the frying pan into the fire ...


Be careful what you wish for. You may get more than you bargained for ....

I hope you're wrong about Egypt Alan, but common sense tells us that nothing good can result from violence, anarchy and a military takeover.

Conway said...

I submit Egypt WILL indeed become another Iran, unfortunately, with Coptic Christian "infidels" slaughtered by the wagonload, endless honor killings, hangings of homosexuals, and beheadings for adultery, committed in the name of yet another draconian, non-existent deity called Allah. Look at it this way, at least, for the most part, they will be killing themselves for a change.

On the bright side, that dreadful scenario, with Moslem fanatics and their delusional minions running Egypt in the name of impotent shitkicker Allah, should be very good news for hard commodities like oil, gold, and silver. I don't know about anyone else here, but I am poised to profit handsomely from this unfolding debacle.

Meanwhile, as Israel is attacked and easily defends herself from these fanatical, Koran toting Egyptian humanoid fools, President jackanapes Obama will sit in the Oval Office like a drooling idiot, twiddling his thumbs like a latter day Jimmy Carter in blackface.

Perhaps Iran's Moslem fanatics will come to Egypt's aid, Allah's devoted shitkickers attacking Israel with a couple of 10 kiloton atomic bombs hurled at Haifa and Tel Aviv. Then we can all enjoy watching the hapless inhabitants of Tehran reach the temperature of 10 million degrees within 1 second, courtesy of a 10 megaton thermonuclear explosion.

Of course, if there is anything left, once the dust settles the UN will condemn Israel as the aggressor, for having defended herself from peaceful, mild, fun-loving Moslem neighbors.

Really people, if it wasn't so horrible a scenario, it would be hilarious.

Ronbo said...

Yes, Mubarak was a bastard, but he was our bastard for thirty years and a dependable ally.

What comes next in Egypt?

At first a military government that will allow "democratic" elections which will place the Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood in control of the country.

The next act will be WORLD WAR III when the Brotherhood shuts down the Suez Canal and attacks Israel, and the West responds.

In this country ten years from now we may look back on the "good old days" as well.

Rich Kozlovich said...

Only time will tell for sure, but I don't think you will have to worry about this prediction turning out wrong. Shades of Jimmy Carter.

joetote said...


This seems so much like history repeating itself and as I have said in the past, we do not seem to learn from it.

We can all agree that Mubarak was a tyrant in the eyes of his people and deservedly so. And people here in the West cannot begin to imagine the hardships and travails of life in a country like Egypt or for that matter any Third World country, be it Egypt, Sudan or whatever. Too many of the citizens of the U.S., even if they were to look at it, are too busy whining about their own supposed problems to even consider what’s going on around the world. So be it. That’s what class warfare and the entitlement society have done to us.

However, as we look deeper into the Egyptian situation, we can see a rather disturbing pattern emerging. Listen to the talking heads of the MSM. Listen to the President and his out of touch administration, Hell, they can’t even get their stories straight. Hillary says one thing. Clapper says another. And the President openly welcomes the very element that can and will destroy Egypt and in turn put Israel and the West in dire straits. Of course I and many others will be called alarmists, racists or Anti-Muslim bigots for pointing this out, but it has to be said.

One only has to remember the Iran situation. Yes, the Shah as far as the people of Iran were concerned was a despot. As the people rallied there, the talking heads including our good buddy “lost in space Carter” went on and on about how the Ayatollah was in fact a moderate Muslim who would bring peace and open Democracy to the country. I distinctly remember the few brave souls who had done their homework and warned of the impending disaster that was coming. As it is now, they were branded as subversive or worse. The world sat back and we all know what has transpired since then.

As the Iran situation came to a head, the morons in the press and government here in the States put out the fallacy that the people of Iran, having grown use to the Freedoms they did have and their supposed love for all thing U.S. would in fact turn their back on radical Islamic fundamentalism and continue to embrace and expand the Western ideals to which they had grown accustomed to. Well, we all know how that worked out! Typical head in the sand gobbley goop from the West and presto!, an Islamic hell was born.

While one can hope the army there can keep the order and help transition to a free government, the chances of that happening in my view are slim at best. First, let’s take a look at the army. They have always been the power in Egypt since the overthrow of King Furuk. No secret there. Will they give up power?

As there is a vacuum in leadership right now can we assume the radical movements, those that any idiot can see are the best organized will in fact take their shots at power? You can bet they will. The head of the Muslim Brotherhood is a known terrorist with a deep seated hatred for Israel. As we move forward, one has to assume they along with infiltrators from other radical Muslim states will do their best to install a Radical regime in Egypt.

It took about 30 days from the overthrow of the Shah, to the Ayatollah’s homecoming and then an almost instant plunge in radical Muslim horror that is now Iran. Is this what one wants for Egypt? And what about Israel? As we have a President who seems hell bent on hastening her destruction, will we come to the aid of Israel when the crap really hits the fan? If Egypt is taken over in the end by the radicals, will Israel survive? Hell, let’s not even go into the oil situation right now or the fact the Egypt controls the Suez Canal. At least Mubarak was honor bound to a treaty and kept too it. Can one even think for one moment that any radical function will not immediately turn on Israel?

These are only a few of the questions that will be answered soon. One can only hope the Egyptians stay level headed.