Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Why Islam is Different and Dangerous

By Alan Caruba

Imagine that every day of your life begins with a morning call to prayer from minarets around the city or village in which you live.

Imagine that you are required to pray five times throughout the day, every day.

Imagine that the law of the land is based on Sharia, taken from the Koran.

Imagine that you live in a nation where stoning women, beheading criminals, and other draconian, ancient punishments are deemed acceptable.

Imagine being Muslim and knowing that conversion from Islam is punishable by death.

Imagine saying or doing anything that might be interpreted as disrespect for Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, can get you whipped or killed.

Imagine a religion that has no tolerance for any other religion, even those that existed for two or three thousand years prior to Islam.

Imagine a religion that sanctions suicide if it is done for the purpose of killing others.

Imagine a religion that has routinely taken over the temples and churches of other faiths and builds mosques in their place or a religion that builds its mosques upon the most holy sites of other religions.

Imagine a culture that reduces women to chattel owned by their fathers and their husbands.

Imagine a culture that permits the killing of women for “dishonoring” the family.

Imagine a religion in which a close associate of Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, said, “We have not reached parity with them. We have the right to kill four million Americans—two million of them children—and to exile as many and wound and cripple hundreds of thousands. Furthermore, it is our right to fight them with chemical and biological weapons, so as to afflict them with fatal maladies that have afflicted the Muslims because of the (Americans’) chemical and biological weapons.”

Imagine a religion that, on Iranian television, June 25, 2004, says, “May Allah, by virtue of the Hidden Iman, remove the evil America and Israel from humanity.”

A recent news report says “Al-Qaida is on the verge of producing radioactive weapons after sourcing nuclear material and recruiting rogue scientists to build ‘dirty’ bombs, according to leaked diplomatic documents.”

In his book, “In the words of our enemies”, Jed Babbin, wrote “Like the Nazis, the radical Islamists play on the same sense of persecution and cultural inferiority that many people in underdeveloped nations possess because they are oppressed. And, like the Nazis, the Islamists have convinced their followers that the problems of their world are the fault of others. The Islamists blame every ill of their world on America, the West, the Jews, and Israel.”

The Middle East and Northern African nations in which Islam dominates are in a state of turmoil, seeking to overthrow the despots that have ruled for decades. No matter who is selected to replace them, Islam remains the guiding principle in the lives of their people.

Imagine a religion that divides the world into Dar al Islam, the land of Islam, and Dar al Harb, the land of war.

They cannot be accommodated.

They negotiate only with the end goal of achieving domination.

They cannot be deterred except through the use of force.

The translation of the word “Islam” is “submission.”

We share the planet with 1.6 billion Muslims and we must either convert them or defeat them.

© Alan Caruba, 2011


Eddy said...

Nothing to add to this one, Alan!
Now, be happy you don't live in Canada or Europe or you would be sued by all kind of government organizations for these "hate inducing" statements. Of course, regardless where you live, watch your back. Remember what happened to Pim Fortuyn and others who spoke as clearly as you about islam.

Bob Devine said...

Thank you, well and truthfully said. I only wonder if I will live long enough to read that in a MSM publication.

Alan Caruba said...

@Eddy. NOW you remind me!

Oh well, I always have my two friends, Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson, to defend me. :-)

@Bob: I doubt any MSM publication would EVER tell Americans the truth about Islam. Or the U.S. government for that least not while Obozo is president.

Anonymous said...

A very succinct and accurate summation of Islam. Thank you Alan, for your courage in speaking truth.

LarryOldtimer said...

I rather doubt that there is a "truth" about Islam other than it is without doubt a different religion in that there is no central control, and dangerous, and it is dangerous to have people of the Islamic faith living among us.

I also see no way for nations of other religions or mixes of religions to ever come to terms with an Islamic theocratic nation, or to come to terms with the Muslims living in their midst.

There is no point in "hating" Islam, anymore than there would be in hating a Bengal tiger. Instead, be fearful of it.

The founders of this nation did not have Islam in mind when the freedom of religion clause in the First Amendment was written.

Ronbo said...


My position is no Muslim should be allowed to become a U.S. citizen or serve in the Armed Forces of the United States for reasons you have outlined in your article.

Furthermore, if I had the authority, I would immediately close all Mosques and remove or imprison in strict regime concentration camps, all Muslims in our Homeland as dangerous collectivists and traitors who present a great danger to the Free Republic.

The simple fact is that the West is in a World War with Islam, and policies that to many seem extreme today will have to be the norm tomorrow if the America and the West are to survive.

Conway said...

You certainly describe Mohammedanism in a more direct and tasteful fashion than I ever could; my compliments on your restraint. In contrast, due to my utter contempt for Moslems, I tend to present the delusional, zombie like followers of Islam using, uh, shall I say, rather colorful language, interspersed with uncomplimentary descriptions.

James Higham said...

Well done, Alan. I've just put something up myself and a commenter linked to you.

There is no accommodation because there is no desire for accommodation on their part. This does not make us racist or bigoted or any of those -ist words.

We simply recognize reality when we see it.

Pitch said...

In my opinion, this is by far your best ever, most important and timely blog you have ever posted. Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood and all their many vile, deceitful and hate filled tentacles are by far the largest threat to all mankind and the planet.
BTW, I see nothing hateful about any of your comments. You have merely spoken the Truth based on Reality and I would remind all your readers that the "truth" is unyielding. One can choose to ignore it, scorn it, or even curse it, but all to no avail; in the end, truth impassively stands its ground in the face of the most overpowering attacks and in the end; truth impassively stands its ground in the face of the most over powering emotional, verbal, and intellectual onslaughts. Further, truth can be especially brutal to those who insist on worshipping at the “Altar of Theory.” This is because truth has a way of frustrating theory and much like a mongoose circling a snake, ultimately wearing it down and devouring it.
Thank you for posting this blog. You are an exceptional man of integrity and honesty and it is my hope more American citizens will slowly awaken to the number one threat they face and join in the battle and struggle against the common enemy that has already infiltrated every Western society at every level; to include our very own disgraceful President Obamamim who has and is doing all he possibly can to empower the Muslim Brotherhood here in the United States and around the globe. And even as I write this, at an ever quickening pace, we have one more crazed Islamic suicide bomber successfully walking across our Southern border almost daily because our Government headed up by the deplorable Janet Napolitano steadfastly refuses to do whatever is necessary to secure and stop this massive inflow of illegal’s and drugs of every description across our Southern Border, to include Islamic terrorists.
If any of your readers care to watch a short descriptive documentary about the “Truth” of Islam that was recently produced by Geerts Wilder, leader of the Dutch Freedom Fighters and member of the Dutch Parliament here is the link:
Also, here is a link depicting a recent HORRIFIC STONING of a young woman and man in Afghanistan because they defied an arranged marriage: WARNING! VERY GRAPHIC!
There is no place for a 7th century barbarian philosophy such as Islam in any western society. There is absolutely no common ground for peaceful co-existence and all Muslims/Islamic believers of every ethnicity are in Western Societies for one reason only and that being to intimidate and conquer and they have no desire what so ever to assimilate and become a part of a more civilized Western culture. Once again, my sincere thanks for your well written and powerful post about the entire world’s number ONE threat; ISALAM!

joetote said...


As usual, Brilliant! One question here. Combined with the Islamic influence on what is going on in the Mid-East, has anyone noticed how the Hammer and Sickle seems to be predominiantly displayed, especially in Jordan? Just wondering about the significance that could be tied to that.

Alan Caruba said...

@Joetote: Thank you. I have not noticed any hammer and sickle flags on the news, but it doesn't surprise me. Egypt is a socialist regime and was very cozy with the former Soviet Union for years.

joetote said...


Definitely on the flags in the Jordan protests and I saw some in the Egyptian, but not as many. Again, just something I noticed.

CM said...

I just saw the movie "The Stoning of Soraya M. for the first time. Anyone needing a mental picture should see this. Gratitude is foremost in my thoughts for having been born in the USA. Thanks for your blog. It is great.

Alan Caruba said...

Thank you, CM.

Anonymous said...

Listen people...
How many daily news of muslim misdeed on humnaity will the non-muslim wake up...Is it becos it hasn't happen to you personally that it dont bother you ?

Well let me tell you..what hasn't happen to you yet is will hsppen to your non-muslim children and pray you don't see the day when the muslim became the majority and change the west...
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