Thursday, March 10, 2011

Liberals Attack America's Security

By Alan Caruba

“Exactly thirty years after Bolshevism consumed St. Petersburg and Moscow, it created a firestorm in Hollywood and Washington, D.C. In October 1947 the U.S. Congress held dramatic hearings on the subject of Communist infiltration in Hollywood.”

Now, decades after repeated attacks on U.S. embassies, U.S. Marines in Beirut, the USS Cole, and, of course, nearly a decade since 9/11, Rep. Peter King is holding hearings on Islamic radicalization in America, the kind that led to the murder of soldiers at Fort Hood and which The Wall Street Journal identified as “more than 50 known cases, involving about 130 individuals, in which terrorist plots were hatched on American soil.”

The similarities between the 1947 House Committee on Un-American Activities and Rep. King’s hearings are remarkable and, in both cases, the mainstream media played an extraordinary role in depicting them as a witch hunt. That metaphor was used by playwright Arthur Miller when he wrote “The Crucible” and Miller’s application to join the Communist Party of United States of America was one of the items the Committee made public.

Along with revelations that many Hollywood scriptwriters were CPUSA members, sworn to obey Russia and their Soviet masters and that a number of Hollywood stars had been duped by Communists to lend their names to anti-American activities has long been subsumed by a relentless campaign to depict the Committee as Un-American, not those working to undermine America. At the heart of that campaign, then and now, was the mainstream media and those in academia.

Liberals will always embrace totalitarian governments and movements. From Jane Fonda to former President Jimmy Carter, liberals have always seen America as the enemy and worked to further the aims of our enemies.

The opening quote to this commentary came from “Dupes”, a book by historian Dr. Paul Kengor that reveals not only the names and activities of Communist dupes in America from the years just following the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia to the present day.

That history has been largely re-written by the many liberals in the nation’s media and in its colleges and universities. Among the most famous advocates of the Soviet Union were leading academics and, today, the revolutionaries of the 1960s, including some who bombed U.S. facilities, are found on America’s campuses, indoctrinating new generations.

To give you an idea of how great the threat to America truly is, Rep. King and his family have been protected, according to the Associated Press, by “round-the-clock security” provided by the New York Police Department and the Nassau County, N.Y. police.” Capitol police secured the congressional hearing room and surrounding areas, as well as his office.”

And, then, true to the media agenda to undermine and disparage the current and past hearings, the Associated Press report noted that “Critics have likened them to the McCarthy-era hearings investigating communism.” Bingo!

You would have to have read the March 10 Wall Street Journal editorial to learn that, among the efforts by jihadists to attack America being investigated, there were “plots to blow up the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, an office tower in Dallas, a federal court house in Illinois, the Washington, D.C. metro, and the trans-Alaska pipeline.”

“Most of these schemes were foiled at an early stage, though the Times Square bomber failed only at the moment of ignition. The worst attack was Major Nidal Hasan’s November 2009 murder of 13 soldiers at Fort Hood.”

And the White House response in all these cases was, “Do not jump to conclusions.” The Obama administration’s Department of Homeland Security, led by Janet Napolitano and the Attorney General, Eric Holder, have choked on the words “Muslim terrorist” or even the word “terrorism.”

If you want to see how the purpose of these hearings will be twisted, you need only pay heed to the top ranking Democrat on the committee, Bernie Thompson of Mississippi, who said he believes the hearings could be used to “inspire terrorists.”

Only terrorists don’t need to be inspired by a U.S. Congressional Committee. They are already inspired by the Koran, the Muslim holy book.

© Alan Caruba, 2011


TexasFred said...

A lot of people are saying that King is another Joe McCarthy...

Maybe, right about now, that's exactly what we need..

joetote said...

We don't need another Joe McCarthey per say. We do need someone to open the eyes of the politically correct leftists out their who in their Neville Chamberlain like naivete refuse to see what is in front of their face. Radical Muslims attacked us! Radical Muslims want to destroy Israel and the West as we know it. That is their stated intention and thus a fact. Someone has to get thet trough to the American people!

Alan Caruba said...

The only difference between a radical muslim and a moderate one is that the latter are cheering on the killing by the former.

Ronbo said...

King = The New McCarthy?


McCarthy was right about the Communist 5th Column inside our federal government in the 1950s.

King is absolutely right on target about Islamic terrorism

joetote said...


I agree fully with that statement. Nothing can change the fact that the so called moderates seem to do their best to hide or ignore the activities of the Radicals

Rich Kozlovich said...


Joe McCarthy was a liberal (R) as I recall, and he was a man with some serious emotional problems, but he was right. The VENONA intercepts bear this out.

They still don't know who all the agents for Joe Stalin were, even after all of these years. They have the code names, but they still can't pinpoint exactly who they all were, and they claim that they haven't decoded all the intercepts either...I find all of that hard to believe. I would still like to know why the Fifty Years British Secrets Act was extended....I think indefinetly.

Either way...we absolutely know that the unions, the movies, the radio, the news organizations and the federal government were awash with communist agents.

Even the British Secret Service attempted to undermine John L. Lewis (President of the United Mine Workers during WWII) from becoming the President of the AFL/CIO because of his communist ties, according to the man who headed that service as written in his book, A Man Called Intrepid.

And by McCarthy’s time anyone who remained a party member was required to be an enemy agent. McCarthy may have been a nut job, but he was right.

Rich K