Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Liberals I Loathe

By Alan Caruba

Politics is not patty cake. While one hopes that civility will prevail, it is often hard to achieve this standard when confronted by people who don’t hesitate to lie, say rude things, and make lots of money while pretending to give a damn about “the workers” and, of course, ”the children.”

The Bible says the poor will always be with us, acknowledging that, from very early times there were always folks who had the bad luck of being born to poor people, paid no attention in school, were always late to work, and had acquired some very bad habits and attitudes.

I, on the other hand, have always felt compelled to earn a living. It is the only way I can afford my cigars, steaks, cakes and cookies, and other indulgences such as the rent and the car.

I tell you this because, among the current crop of liberals in the limelight, are quite a few I just loathe. This is not a proper attitude for someone raised to find something good in everyone and to be charitable enough to forgive as many sins as possible, short of telling lies, stealing, and flat out murder.

So, here is a short list of liberals who make my skin crawl every time they show up on the TV screen.

Bill Maher. We all know someone like this guy. He is the wiseguy with a quick quip for any situation who thinks he is super smart and super cool when he is, in reality, a moron with a bad attitude and a mouth to go with it.

Michael Moore. Were it not for a mass media largely in the hands of liberals, this tub of lard would be making training films for classes in mine safety and raising ferrets. He’s made a lot of money criticizing corporations for making a lot of money. When you look up “hypocrite” in the dictionary, you will find his picture.

Barney Frank. This member of Congress is as unsavory as they come. I remember him best for defending Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as the housing market bubble was just about to burst.

John Kerry & John Edwards. Who remembers that these two ran, respectively, for president and vice president? Kerry has married wealth to enjoy a lifestyle most people have to work for. He defamed his fellow soldiers in Vietnam and has not stopped lying about everything else since then. As for John Edwards, even skunks go out of their way to avoid him.

Nancy Pelosi. Her legacy is that she forced Obamacare through a Democrat-controlled House and, with Harry Reid in the Senate, producing a piece of legislation that has more than half the U.S. States in full rebellion against it. Not surprisingly, a judge has found that it is unconstitutional.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Give him kudos for building a major media organization, but pity the poor New Yorkers who must live with a man who thinks he has a right to tell them what to eat, tell them to stop smoking, and who at one time suggested putting windmills on skyscrapers to generate energy. A typical liberal, he knows just exactly how you should live your life and will happily pass a law to ensure that you do.

MSNBC. Keith Olbermann has fled into the arms of Al Gore’s “Current”, but where did they find that bloated bombast, Ed Schultz, the very “butch” Rachel Maddow, and Chris Matthews whose “man crush” on Barack Obama is a public embarrassment? How can MSNBC executives justify their lack of viewers and accept their paychecks? Oh wait, I forgot. They’re liberals!

Helen Thomas. She’s gone now after all those years being hailed as the doyen of the White House press gallery reporters. Just how obvious was it that she hated all Republican presidents and gave the Democrats a pass? How big a secret was it that she hated Jews, too?

The New York Times. I stopped reading this rag years ago, but occasionally visit to reinforce my conviction that one has to be dumber than your average armadillo to write for it. Are you listening Paul Krugman, Tom Friedman, et al?

As noted, this is a very short list of the legion of liberals who strut and fret their hour upon the stage, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. (Hat tip to William Shakespeare, late bard of Avon.)

© Alan Caruba, 2011


Witch Doctor said...

Is this the List You Don't Want to be on?

Alan Caruba said...

@Witch Doctor: If you're a liberal, yes, this list is one to avoid...but it really doesn't matter to these folks.

ligneus said...

I think Obama should be on your list.

Alan Caruba said...

@Ligneus: That's just too easy and, anyway, I write about him all the time. It would be redundent.

He's on everybody's list, including some liberals.

Travis sez said...

Yes, but did you purposely omit Alan Colmes? He's really only a minor annoyance, I admit. But he may be offended at the slight. Your list is a very good one, all things considered.

mmpaints said...

ROFL, aint that the truth( obama on everyones hate list)I would personally put Moore higher on the list. That creature rates right about even with the slime one finds in the bottom of a hog house.

"Shady" said...


Bill Maher, has surpassed the liberal tag that has been attached to him. Yes I know that he is a liberal for sake of politics, However I have to classify him as a hater of religion and bigot. label. I do not understand how he receives a pass for all of the vile comments that he makes, ie; calling Sarah Palin a TW_T. Unexcuseable, but yet nobody will call him out. HBO is loves him, I would have pulled the plug on this yoyo.
Yes he tops my list as well, and I agree with your list..Please keep them on the hot seat..


"Shady" said...

Your list is right on target, opps, can I say "Target without be thrown under the bus!

I classify Maher as a not only a liberal, but more of a hater and a bigot, with all of the vile comments he has made. He hates all religion. He went over the line with the comment, by calling Sarah Palin a "TW#T. It was just vile. However he is never challenged.

Keep them on the hot seat Alan, thanks

Ronbo said...


You missed Dr. Jeff Johnson, a far left professor of World Literature at Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida who marked me down to a "C" because of my outspoken patriot orientation way back in 1966.

In our last exchange, Pinko Jeff dared me in front of the class to join the Army as a buck private and volunteer for combat duty in Vietnam.

The next day I did so...and became one of the few former students at this liberal arts college to join the military.

Will Harmon said...

Davd Letterman is another one who should be on the list...a has-been with a big "L" (loser) stamped on his forehead. He hides behind the guise of comedy like Mahar to skewer primarily Republican women. Another liberal, bigoted, chauvanist pig.

Will Harmon said...

Great piece Alan. Keep up the superlative work!!

the Tunnel Dweller said...

I agree with Will Harmon that Letterman, along with Chuck Schumer and most major cast members of "Law & Order" be included. But the one man who filled me with contempt every time he was on TV was Bill Clinton.
And I share your contempt for "Two-Americas" John Edwards.

Alan Caruba said...

Thank you, one and all, for your comments.

Who knew others felt the same way I do? ;-)

Guy in Ohio said...

Don't forget John (Jon?) Stewart. Stewart and Mahr, spew more foul left-wing hatred than the rest of them combined, and it appears that about 90% of liberals get all their news from them ...

Is it any wonder why liberals are so screwed up?

Alan Caruba said...

Specificity! Specificity! :-)

Bob Mack said...

The list looks like chapter headings for a textbook on mental disorders.

Will Harmon said...

TexasFred, apparently Alan does not loathe ALL liberals, just some of them. Therefore the sentence structure is correct as he presented it.

joetote said...

Perfect list. i just want to add one comment as to our boy Barney Frank. it has rankled me for years now that a representative can be given a free pass after getting caught with an underage page!Let's not even address the gay side of that narrative! Is there anything worse about the hard left in general than the selective prosecution of underage sexual crimes (and yes, in my mind this was a crime!)?

Unknown said...

Maybe we can take a page out of the liberal book and call the sponsors of the Bill Maher's show and demand that they pull their ads from HBO. Oh, wait... that's right. We respect the idiot's right to free speech.