Monday, August 8, 2011

President Blah, Blah, Blah

By Alan Caruba

President Blah, Blah, Blah got in front of the television cameras midday on Monday to say the usual meaningless things he has been saying since he was elected, none of which are true and none of which have been able to hide the fact that he has driven the nation into the ditch with a lot of help from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Over the weekend he unleashed the White House attack dogs to blame the nation’s problems on the Tea Party when, of course, it was his administration that added three trillion to our debt.

After a while we just stop listening to what a president says; especially if we have concluded he is either clueless or has a hidden agenda.

“If his lips are moving, he’s lying” is an old cliché, but it fits President Barack Hussein Obama because it is quite likely that no one believes him any more with the exception of the usual brain-dead liberals who still think he is a genius. So far he has shown a genius for increasing the debt and the unemployment numbers.

This is a man who was still talking about electric cars, high speed trains, and renewable energy while the price of gas continued to increase along with everything else.

On Monday he was still talking about the nation's infrastructure as a source of jobs even after recently admitting there were few "shovel ready" projects. Tired ideas, ideas that don't work, repeated over and over again.

President Obama has been boring people from the day he took office. “This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.” The oceans have been rising a few centimeters every century and the planet is just fine. His election did not transform either the laws of nature or physics.

Instead, all that transformational gibberish turned out to be about a nation already in financial trouble as the result of the September 2008 bursting of the housing bubble. His response was to waste a great deal of time forcing Obamacare on everyone. Americans want to feel that they have a say in what the government is doing and, when they don’t, they organize.

The emergence of the Tea Party was the legacy of Obamacare. A movement without leaders, but one that made itself felt in the 2010 elections that transferred the power of the nation’s purse from Democrats to Republicans in the House and reduced their majority in the Senate.

It may just be my imagination, but President Obama seems to believe he can just stand at the podium, read from the Tele-Prompters, and convince Americans that all our problems have to do with “millionaires and billionaires”, “corporate jets”, and the folks who provide the sources of all real energy; coal, oil, and natural gas.

Nobody is buying those idiotic electric cars (except government agencies) and nobody believes the Green grifters who have been living off federal largesse with their pathetic wind and solar farms, and ghastly ethanol. If it were not for government mandates they would all have been out of business long ago.

Politico recently reported that “people and households earning more than $1 million annually made up just 0.1 percent, or just over 235,000, of the 140 million tax returns filed in 2009.” Meanwhile, there are now a record 45.8 million Americans using food stamps, nearly 15% percent of the population. You do the math.

As for those awful oil companies, the top three paid $42.8 billion in income taxes in 2010. Moreover, according to the American Petroleum Institute, oil and natural gas companies employ 9.2 million Americans and account for 7.5 percent of GDP.

If the Obama administration had not set out to thwart any new oil exploration and a US-Canada oil pipeline, and to shut down active coal mines while punishing coal-burning utilities, the economy would be looking a lot better.

In a recent column, former Reagan speechwriter, Peggy Noonan, said, “But the president is supposed to be great at speeches. Why isn’t it working? One answer is that it never ‘worked.’ The power of the president’s oratory was always exaggerated.”

“The debt-ceiling crisis revealed Mr. Obama’s speeches as rhetorical kryptonite. It is the substance that repels the listener.”

In an effort to look as if he was truly engaged in finding room for compromise during the debt ceiling debate, Obama seemed to be on television with either a prepared or impromptu speech every other day. He does not do “impromptu” well. The casual “eat your peas” remark was received as it should have been, as someone pretending to be the only adult in the room, lecturing the rest of us as children.

I am beginning to sense that even in Congress, a lot of Democrat Senators and Representatives are beginning to do the calculus of getting reelected if they continue to vote the straight party line or are even seen on the same stage as Obama.

None of Congress’s solutions to our economic doldrums are working because of the sharp partisan divide that ignores the problems millions of Americans are encountering. They were all tried in the 1930s and they all failed.

Now that Obama has hit the campaign trail, it would be nice if the mainstream media began to report on how many or how few people turn out to listen to President Blah, Blah, Blah. How many of them are union members? How many are minorities?

How many will have been out of work for so long that by November 2012 they will vote for Bugs Bunny if he is on the Republican ticket?

© Alan Caruba, 2011


Unknown said...

2008: All I had to do was see that Obama had acknowledged Saul Alinsky as a mentor to quit giving any heed to any statement by Obama. What could a person of that political suasion say which would possibly be useful?

I just assumed that falsity and degradation would ensue from his election. Guess what?

Anonymous said...

The President of the United States got on TV today and he rambled, he stuttered, he was *lost in space*, he made NO sense in his speech and he offered no words of confidence, and he was READING from the teleprompter, and he was still less than confident in his speech.

Obama talked for several minutes and he blamed this money crisis on anything and everyone he could think of; the TEA Party, the GOP, Conservatives, the tsunami in Japan, the earthquakes in Japan, the recession that he came into in 2009 when he assumed office, read that as BLAME BUSH.

Obama blamed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and in that I can agree with him, we need to be GONE in both places.

The only group that didn’t get blamed was Obama himself and his administration…imagine that!

Alan Caruba said...

@Fred: He must have FORGOT to blame himself and his administration. Maybe his speech writer left it out. Maybe the Tele-Prompter guy left it out. Surely he must KNOW this downgrade belongs entirely to HIM? Ya think?

Guy in Ohio said...

Knowing the downgrade belongs to him, and admitting it, are two different things ...

President Downgrade ... I like it!

ajdshootist said...

He was most likely thinking can i get another game of golf in.

Unknown said...

They are not taking a right decision. I just assume all this matter are completing as soon as because they are all affect economy.

Unknown said...

They are not taking a right decision. I just assume all this matter are completing as soon as because they are all affect economy.

dfallis said...

Obama has accepted responsibility for only one thing since his inauguration, and it turns out to be the most hated piece of legislation this country has ever seen; health care reform.

dfallis said...

Obama has accepted responsibility for only one thing since his inauguration, and it turns out to be the most hated piece of legislation this country has ever seen; health care reform.

retch said...

Loved that cartoon with the Burt Lancaster coat! But he was much easier to believe. Then again, Burt may also be a 'mere' actor, but he's a pro.